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Phil is a character in HBO's Westworld. He is a Body Shop Technician at the Sector 19 Remote Refurbishment Facility.



Season Two[]


Phil is seen working at the Sector 19 Remote Refurbishment Facility when Blaine Bellamy bursts in and tells the staff that the Hosts have started killing guests. He is followed by Dolores Abernathy, Teddy Flood, and Angela. Dolores makes Phil show Teddy his history, using the tablet device to show the Host the many deaths he had suffered. Teddy questioned why he could not remember this, and why they did it. When Phil answered "for fun," Teddy attacked him.

Phil later reactivated the Lieutenant Dunleavy Host on Dolores orders in order to track down the Confederados. After finding the Confederados led by Major Craddock, Dolores, Teddy, and Angela killed them. Dolores then had Phil reactivate Craddock in order to make him believe in and follow her.

"Akane No Mai"[]

Phil was taken by Wyatt's gang to SweetwaterWestworld. He later reprogrammed Teddy Flood to make him more efficient to follow Dolores and her cause.

"Phase Space"[]

Phil and Benson were both questioned by Dolores and Angela about the potential whereabouts of Peter Abernathy. Benson couldn't give a definitive answer, and was executed by Teddy Flood. Phil was then taken on the train. As the train got closer to the Mesa Hub, Wyatt's gang separated the engine from the carts, using the train as an battering ram/bomb to attack the Mesa Hub. Phil was left with the engine, and Teddy gave him a revolver with just one bullet to kill himself. It's unknown whether he shot himself or died in the explosion.


Killed by

Teddy locked Phil in the train that was going to crash into the Mesa, and gave him a gun to end his life before that.


Trying to stay alive, Phil is forced to follow the orders of Dolores Abernathy.


Wyatt's gang[]

Phil is terrified by the members of this group, but wanting to stay alive, he goes along with them and reactivates hosts, making them loyal to Dolores Abernathy and her alone.