Primtime Emmy Awards Sketch

"Stephen Colbert goes Westworld" (not official title) was a sketch that aired during the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Stephen Colbert, parodying Westworld.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introducing the ceremony after a commercial break, Stephen Colbert reiterates the fact that he is a host (as in the ceremony host), but promptly begins to stutter and malfunction, prompting a Delos team to appear and drag him off the stage as a voiceover reports that he is off his loop and needs to be shut down, revealing he really is a host.

The scene cuts to a diagnostic facility in Westworld as Stephen finds himself completely naked (save for a bowtie) and sitting across from Bernard Lowe. Bernard asks him if he's ever questioned the nature of his reality: "Everyday since November 8th," Colbert replies, prompting Bernard to lower his politics level. He then asks if the phrase "These violent delights have violent ends" means anything to Stephen. Stephen denies it before asking if it means anything to Bernard, who replies that he believes the writers threw it in to sound smart. He then asks if Stephen knows what the Emmys are, defining it as when all the beautiful men and women gather together to give golden statues to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whom they both quickly express admiration for. Stephen then asks why he is naked, although he admits he does not mind as he inexplicably now sports a six-pack.

Before allowing Stephen to get back to hosting, Bernard launches analysis mode and tests Stephen's programs for acceptance speech, gracious loser face, after-party mode, and after-party mode with a lower drunkenness level. Stephen is then given a tuxedo and encouraged to go host. Before he leaves, he notices Titus Burgess in the corner, who claims he is also a robot before proclaiming he needs to find some cowboys.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This sketch was filmed on the Westworld set in the summer of 2017.
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