Reed Phillips is a member of the Delos Board.

Biography Edit

Parce Domine Edit

Reed, alongside the rest of the Delos Board, were frustrated at the PR-Nightmare caused by the Host Uprising.

He wasn't trusting of Charlotte Hale, and her idea idea of private equity, as well as reminded her that she was only interim CEO, in the absence of the majority shareholder William.

Decoherence Edit

Reed witnessed Delos being bought by Serac, and was frustrated by Serac's enigmatic behaviour. He found the idea that of a host hiding among the employees of Delos as absurd.

He, alongside the rest of the Delos Board, were poisoned by Charlotte.


Killed by

Reed was gassed along with other Delos Board members when Serac revealed that Hale is a host.

Personality Edit

Reed is arguably the most mistrusting of Charlotte Hale, being the most open to oppose her ideas, even more so than Brompton and Elliot.

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Season Three Edit

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