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Rehoboam is an artificially intelligent quantum computer system created by brothers Engerraund and Jean Mi Serac, financed by Liam Dempsey Sr. and his company Incite Inc. It is arguably the world's most advanced AI, maintaining control over its own system.

Rehoboam's main function is to impose an order to human affairs by careful manipulation and prediction of the future made possible by analysis of the large data set Incite have collected.


The system's principal design went through many iterations, with names like Saul, David and Solomon before finally culminating in Rehoboam. (The four names being names of Israel's first 4 kings) The Solomon build 0.06 was the first of the prototypes to show real promise with the ability to predict the last few decades accurately from historical data in 2039. 

The systems were created by Engerraund Serac and his brother Jean Mi. Liam Dempsey Sr. would later take credit for the design and spin the narrative that he had designed it in a single weekend with the system not being built for another fifteen years. Liam Dempsey Jr. revealed to Dolores Abernathy that after his father's death, the system locked him out, leaving him unable to access, change or shut the system down.[1] The actual physical system is in Los Angeles, California at the very bottom of a building owned by Incite Inc.

Incite Inc. used Rehoboam to analyse the files of millions of human subjects. With that data the system is able to predict the course and the outcome of individual lives. The system is capable of predicting how, and when, a human subject will die.[2]The system is so powerful that Serac is capable enough to threaten the president of Brazil to bring down his government and to talk with president's replacements within 6 weeks. Every company in the near future needs Rehoboams assistance for their business.      

Three months after the disaster and downfall surrounding Delos' parks, Rehoboam detected a threat to its systems, but Liam was unable to determine the cause. Serac, who controls the system, discovered that the threat was Dolores, and started to fight back using Maeve Millay - employing a mixture of blackmail and bribery to ensure her cooperation.

Rehoboam is later tasked with sifting through each of Dolores Abernathy's memories in a bid to find the encryption key to the Sector 16 data. When Rehoboam is unsuccessful, the memories are deleted. Unbeknownst to Serac, control of Rehoboam was transferred from him to Caleb Nichols upon wiring in of Dolores. When Maeve reveals this to Caleb, he orders Rehoboam to erase itself.[3]

Season 4 shows Maeve and Caleb teaming up to destroy the last remaining Rehoboam, implying that there were multiple Rehoboam's around the world. It is unclear why it was not enough for Rehoboam to erase itself or if the remaining Rehoboam's were still functioning.


  • Rehoboam is the name of the first King of Judah as described in the Bible and the son of King Solomon who ruled Israel, who was said to be the Wisest man in human history. Rehoboam ruled the Kingdom of Judah after is split apart from the northern King of Israel ruled by the rival King Jeroboam.
    • Liam Dempsey Jr. and Liam Dempsey Sr. may be parallels to Rehoboam and Solomon of the Bible. Jr. and Rehoboam being the lesser known sons whose legacy is that of disorder and incoming ruin whereas Sr. and Solomon are more remembered and renown for their innovation and intelligence.
    • An earlier build of Rehoboam is also given the name "Solomon Build" in reference to King Solomon.
  • Rehoboam was first teased with the release of the teaser trailer released in early 2020. It did not feature any of the known or brand new characters from the show and displayed background information on the World of the show and where history and events diverged from the real world.

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