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Remote Diagnostic Facilities (RDF) were used in the development period, before the park was opened to guests. They are still used by Dr. Ford, and he has secretly created at least two hosts in an RDF.

Known Remote Diagnostic Facility Entrances

  • Sector 17 Cottage - The basement of the Ford family's vacation cottage; still in use by Robert Ford.
  • Confessional - One entrance is concealed within the confessional of Escalante's church. (This RDF is underneath Escalante, so there may be other entrances).



Arnold interviews Dolores Abernathy, in the Escalante RDF.

The Stray

Arnold interviews Dolores Abernathy, in the Escalante RDF.

The Adversary

Robert Ford interviews Little Boy in an RDF.

Trompe L'Oeil

Robert Ford commands Bernard Lowe to bring Theresa Cullen to the RDF, to kill her.

The Well-Tempered Clavier

Dolores returns to Escalante, and finds the entrance to the RDF in the confessional within a church or chapel.



  • Bernard told Theresa that to his knowledge, there was more than one RDF located in the park. ("Ford and his partner used them when the park was in beta.")
  • Ford refers to the Escalante RDF as "the old field lab" in The Bicameral Mind.

The Host Being Manufactured in the Sector 17 RDF

From a Hollywood Reporter article:

HR: The host that's being created in this diagnostic facility — is it safe to say that this host is going to matter in the future?
Nolan: (Pauses.) No, not in a literal sense. I think there's a suggestion here that Ford has been up to something, that he's slipped the leash of corporate control, and that his secrets permeate the park, in addition to Arnold's. We thought that gave things a creepy sense. We'll return to that much later down the road.
HR: It's more about the idea, then, than about the specific host?
Nolan: Yes.[1]