"Reunion" is the second episode of the second season of Westworld, and twelfth episode overall.



Why don't we start at the beginning?

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Dolores in the City

We see Dolores' face and hear Arnold saying "Bring yourself back online Dolores".

They are in a very modern looking city apartment, at night, looking through the window. Dolores is enchanted by the sight and says "It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground. Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?"

Robert Ford comes in behind them and we hear him asking if Dolores is ready, Arnold says that she is not and that they should go with "the other girl". Ford reluctantly agrees, but accuses the other man of playing favourites and tells him that he will have to give her up sooner or later. Arnold denies playing favourites, and Ford leaves.

Arnold suggests they take a walk and they go outside. He shows her to his new home, which being built, he takes her around, pointing out the various rooms and talking about Charlie, his son.

Again, they find themselves looking down on the city at night; without any indication that she is aware that she's repeating herself, and using the same intonation, Dolores smiles and says "It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground. Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?"

Arnold looks at her for a moment and then says that they should go in. She asks to come back to that location again someday, and he promises he will.

Dolores and Angela Meet Guests in Sector 19

At a Remote Refurbishment Outpost in Sector 19, a panicked guest pushes past two technicians and into the main work area.

As the guest enters, the Body Shop Technician on duty is complaining to a second man, that the next shift is overdue. The guest tells them that the hosts in the park are killing people, just as Dolores, Angela, and Teddy Flood enter, terrifying the guest and puzzling the staff.

The second man reacts by drawing a weapon and attempting to aim it at the Hosts, but is immediately shot and wounded by Angela. Dolores stops her from killing him - "Not yet".

Logan at the Party

Return to Sector 19

Angela has just finished killing the guest with her knife, and Teddy is horrified at what he sees, not at the murder of the guest but at the damaged, inactive hosts that are piled everywhere. Some clothed; others, having been washed, are naked; a couple are being repaired. None are being treated with any dignity or kindness.

Dolores tells the technician to show Teddy his history and Teddy views a series of images of himself with various wounds, none of which he can remember. Dolores watches him with her arms folded.

He asks the technician "Why", and forces him to answer. He tells Teddy it was just for fun and Teddy, not coping with all of the change, lets him fall to the floor.

Lawrence is Rescued, Again

Lawrence is being hung upside down over an ant hill by three men who want to see if the ants will eat him from the inside out. Lawrence tries to talk his way out of it, with no success.

William—the Man in Black —arrives on horseback, shoots the three men and is then surprised by one who revives and attacks him. Lawrence throws him his gun and the MiB kills the man again, and then cuts down Lawrence, who remarks that the man was definitely dead with the first shot: William replies that the rules have apparently changed.

They ride to a bar, or hotel, where WIlliam punches through a wall to retrieve a package. No one in the bar reacts. WIlliam tries to tell Lawrence that he is free now, that he wants Lawrence's help. WIlliam persuades him while repairing his arm and hints at the purpose of the park without revealing it, and relishes the fact that he could actually be killed in the Park now.

He tells Lawrence that it's 3 days ride west, and Lawrence says that they will have to go through Pariah .

Dolores and Angela Interrogate a Park Employee

Angela forces a male employee's face into a bowl of white gooey fluid, which burns him. Teddy and a group of other employees watch.

The man quickly reveals how many soldiers will be coming (about 800) how they will operate (sector by sector) and where they will arrive, he points at a place on the map.

Teddy points out that they have 57 hosts to fight 800, and Dolores tells the technician to wake one of the inactive Confederados hosts.

Dolores and Teddy at Sweetwater

We see Dolores, in her standard narrative, leaving the store in Sweetwater to load her saddlebags and ride home. She drops her can of milk and Teddy retrieves it for her. He's giving it back to her when the hosts in the street freeze and a helicopter flies overhead, lowering its undercarriage for landing.

They remain frozen and James Delos, William, and a group of Delos Incorporated staff walk through the street looking at the hosts. William is persuading James to continue investing in Westworld (Location). William looks at a frozen Dolores.

James refers to Logan Delos as his "fuck-up of a son" and William has to work hard to convince him that the park is a real investment. William tells him that it's the perfect place to find out about the guests - somewhere where they are completely off their guard.

This is enough to get James' attention, and the two men walk away from the still frozen Dolores as they talk.

The Confederados' Last Supper

The resurrected Confederado leads them to his camp. On the way they meet Maeve and Hector. They talk briefly but Maeve doesn't want to join forces. Maeve moves on.

They enter the camp where the leadership are eating together. Initially they don't believe her, but Dolores convinces them by killing them all and then having her technician wake up the leader.

He's convinced.

A Retirement Party

Dolores, wearing a white dress, plays the piano at a retirement party for James Delos . A little girl tries to talk to her but her mother calls her away. The girl, Emily, goes to her mother and father Juliet and William. Dolores' smile fades as she sees William kiss Juliet. William grins at her from across the room and is walking across to speak to her when James Delos intercepts him, asking about the entertainment. They speak for a few minutes, and it turns out that James is very ill. He cuts the conversation short and walks towards his daughter and grand-daughter, telling Dolores to keep playing "anything but Chopin."

Dolores goes out to a balcony and looks out over the water at the city. She says "Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?" and then turns as she hears Logan Delos behind her on a sun lounger, taking drugs. When she apologizes to him he recognizes her and proceeds to make disparaging remarks about the party, and how it is all leading to some terrible end.

El Lazo the Elder in Pariah

Lawrence and the MiB enter Pariah in the middle of the night, which is full of lit candles and the bodies of hosts or humans.

The bodies are of the people at the orgy.

El Lazo interrupts them and his men come out of the shadows. The MiB tries to get him to follow them west, El Lazo refuses. MiB tries to force him and El Lazo says "This game was meant for you William, but you must play it alone." - Robert Ford's words. As El Lazo finishes, his men all shoot themselves in the head, apparently committing suicide.

El Lazo then does the same to himself with William's own gun.

The MiB shoots El Lazo's body several times, saying "Fuck you Robert". As they leave the MiB says that the place they're heading to is his greatest mistake.

William and Dolores

William has put Dolores into Analysis Mode and is questining her as she sits, naked, on a stool. She smiles at him as he brings her back online. He explains that she is just a thing, just a reflection. He looks forward to using her, and the other hosts.

He says that there is answer to a question that no one has ever thought of asking, and asks her if she wants to see.

In day light, with Dolores in her Rancher's Daughter outfit, her takes her to where the giant earth moving machines are excavating. They look at them, and he says "Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?"

The Confederados

Dolores, Teddy and the Confederados approach pariah. Dolores says that she is going to use a weapon that an old friend was once foolish enough to show her.


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  • After unknowingly playing Juliet in a Getty stock photo for Season 1, Claire Unabia appears in person as Juliet at a party in this episode.
  • Dolores plays the chorus of a Gershwin song, "The Man I Love".
Some day he'll come along,

The man I love
And he'll be big and strong,
The man I love
And when he comes my way
I'll do my best to make him stay.

He'll look at me and smile
I'll understand;
And in a little while,
He'll take my hand;
And though it seems absurd,
I know we both won't say a word

–"The Man I Love", excerpt.[1]



“This game was meant for you, but you must play it alone.”

“All we want is a reflection of ourself.” - Young William talking to Dolores

“Have you ever seen such splendor?” - Dolores says it twice, but then young William says it.


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