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The robot repair lab is a maintenance department of the Delos resort (as seen several times in the original Westworld film). The only such lab seen is the one that specialises in maintaining damaged robots from the Westworld park. The repair labs for Roman World and Medieval World are not shown.


When a robot from Westworld is shot/killed/injured or has a certain malfunction, they are brought to this maintenance facility, hidden in the underground of the resort, away from the eyes of visitors. The robots are transported to the repair lab's delivery area by van, unloaded from a conveyer belt by lab staff, then wheeled away on gurneys to operating tables. Here, the staff perform surgery-like repairs on the robot's damaged bodies.


Peter Martin passes through the abandoned repair lab while being pursued by the relentless Gunslinger. Noticing some of the chemicals used for robot repairs stored on a table, he remembers the brief advice he was given by a stranded technician, and begins looking for strong acids.

When the Gunslinger arrives at the lab, he walks around carefully, observing the large room for anything suspicious. Peter manages to confuse him for a short moment, lying motionless on an operating table, pretending to be one of the damaged robots. Though the Gunslinger notices this oversight, Peter is somewhat quicker and flings a whole jar of acid in the android's face.

Though Peter's attempt to fight back doesn't prove entirely successful, he manages to damage some of the Gunslinger's sophisticated visual sensory systems. This comes in handy later, when the Gunslinger catches up with him again inside the castle of Medieval World. Due to the visual sensors getting damaged by acid, he's unable to track Peter as clearly as before, the lit torches in the great hall confusing his sensors.



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