Roderick is wealthy British man, who is an associate of Liam Dempsey.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Roderick is man from presumably wealthy background in Britain, who is in a relationship with Penny and is friends with Liam Dempsey.

Parce Domine Edit

Roderick, alongside Penny, are both in London to witnessing Liam Dempsey Jr. holding a  speech about building a brighter future.

He is later seen with Liam, Penny and Dolores, talking and drinking.

He starting theorising that they might be living in a simulation, that Delos might have put a simulation within a simulation. Dolores says that people just believe the things that help them, and says that a part of the human evolved to believe in God.

The Mother of Exiles Edit

Penny and Roderick later arrive in Los Angeles, taking part in the same masked orgy as Liam.

While Penny appears sorry about apparent death of Dolores (or Lara) from an overdose, Roderick seems less concerned, stating that Liam needs to enjoy himself and get over her. He also comments on how anyone could die from an overdose.

Roderick offers Liam a drug named Genre, which plays memories in the user's mind, while Penny departs for sideshow.

Later, when Liam sees that his funds are missing when he wants to buy a prostitute, Roderick offers to buy on his behalf, but Liam is taken by Bernard and Stubbs.

Roderick later witnesses the fight between Dolores Abernathy and Ashley Stubbs, but presumably views it as a hallucination of the drugs he has taken during the celebration.

Personality Edit

Roderick is openly arrogant and prideful, showing his wealth around. He appears to dismiss serious matters, such as wealth and even death, instead focussing on simple pleasures, such as alcohol, drugs and sex.

He also appears to be somewhat philosophical, though this is likely just as an act to appear more intelligent than he actually is.

Relationships Edit

Penny Edit

Roderick and Penny are in a relationship, but it is not known whether it romantic or just a casual partnership among the elites. They appear to be both having physical and sexual relations with paid individuals.

Penny appears to be annoyed at Roderick's attempts at "philosophy", such as the idea of all humans living in a simulation.

Liam Dempsey Jr. Edit

Roderick and Liam appear to be friends, with Roderick often complimenting the latter on his achievements with Incite. He was ready to pay on Liam's behalf for a prostitute, when his friend's funds were missing.

Trivia Edit

  • Roderick is somewhat similar to Logan Delos, being a wealthy and arrogant member of the elite, who revels himself in carnal pleasures.
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