Ronnie Gene Belvins is an actor who plays Engels in HBO's Westworld.

Other roles Edit

  • Jesse Menlo in The Cleaner (TV series) 
  • Andy Kreider in Sons of Anarchy (TV series) 
  • Ronald Nowakowski in NCIS (TV series) 
  • Ethan Inglebrink in American Cowslip 
  • Cal Gerrity in Law & Order: LA (TV series)
  • Carter Hayes in Justified (TV series) 
  • Mark Fields in CSI: NY (TV series) 
  • Jason Akita in Hawaii Five-0 (TV series)
  • Elwood Spiller in The Mentalist (TV series) 
  • Todd Thurman in Vegas (TV series) 
  • Luther Vick in Intelligence (TV series) 
  • Miles Lee in Criminal Minds (TV series) 
  • John Tucker in Scorpion (TV series)
  • Al Taylor in Murder in the First (TV series)
  • Aaron Dearborn in Rush Hour (TV series)
  • Rodney Lam in Lucifer (TV series) 
  • Ray Kimball in Lucifer (TV series) 
  • Joe Lawson in Code Black (TV series)
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