The Schutzstaffel, shortened as SS, is a group of hosts active in Warworld. It's based on the real SS that was active in Italy during World War II.


The SS are a group of hosts in the roles of of SS soldiers and officers. Unlike their counterpart narrative factions in other parks, such as the Confederados and the Shōgun's Army, who only roam the remote areas of their parks, the SS carry out their narrative in the main town of Warworld.



Known inventory

  • Base
    • TBA
  • Equipment
    • SS uniforms (based on historical counterpart)
    • Cars (transport, mainly of supplies and weapons)
    • Trucks (transport, mainly of supplies and weapons)
    • Tanks
    • Motorcycles (transport)
    • Sidecars (transport)
  • Weapons
    • Rifles
    • Machine guns
    • Bayonets
    • Tanks


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