Samuel "Walrus" is a character on HBO's Westworld. He is Host and bandit in the Westworld Park. He is played by Bruno Gunn.


Samuel is an option for guests if they want to go bounty hunting.

Season One

The Stray

Samuel and two of his men just left the Mariposa Saloon as they were approached by Teddy Flood and Marti, a Guest. Teddy and Samuel engage insults and the teams end up in a shoot out. Samuel is killed by Marti, while his two men are killed by Teddy.


Samuel, according to Teddy, liked to tussle with "working" women (prostitues). He also referred to Marti as a "dickless assosicate".


Samuel didn't seem to like Teddy very much, with one being an wanted man, and the other being a bounty hunter.


  • Samuel was credited as "Walrus", but Teddy referred to him by his real name. "Walrus" is most likely a nickname that originated from his mustache. 
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