The third season of Westworld, titled The New World, premiered on March 15 and is set to conclude on May 3, 2020 with a total of eight episodes.[1][2][3].

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Follow the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin in this dark odyssey that begins in a world where every human appetite can be indulged.

Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe and Scott Mescudi join Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and more for the third season, which aims to explore questions about the nature of our reality, free will and what makes us human.

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This section was compiled before the Season was released. Some readers might find it interesting to see how details emerged, and how many were accurate - so the section will be left here as it is for the moment.

  • The main focus of the season will be the "real world" that Dolores, Bernard, and the host-version of Charlotte Hale have arrived in.[4]
  • Though it will not be a major focus, the host versions of the Man in Black and Emily seen at the end of "The Passenger" and their point in the timeline will be a part of the season.[4]
  • The artificial worlds of the Sublime (the new world for the hosts) and the Forge will not be the main focus, but may play into the story again at some point.[4]
  • Who exactly is inhabiting the host body of Charlotte Hale after Dolores left it will be addressed.[4]
  • Ed Harris said that shooting for this season will begin in June 2019.[5]
  • Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said that Season Three will feel like a fresh start for the show and be very different from Season One and Two.[6]
  • Actor Antonio Banderas was rumored to be under consideration for a villian role, however no confirmation has been given.[7]
    • With the announcement of Vincent Cassel as a key villian in the season, this information may no longer be relevant. It remains to be seen whether Banderas is still being considered.[8]
  • There is a new robot, called George. He is a Delos model G-267, and does not talk.[9]
  • Jonathan Nolan confirmed at SDCC, that the theme of this season will be "The New World".[10]
  • There will only be eight episodes — the shortest season so far.[11]
  • This season will feature Maeve in the Warworld , another theme park at Delos Destinations

Episodes Edit

No. Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date Viewership (million)
1 "Parce Domine" Jonathan Nolan Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan March 15, 2020 0.901[12]
2 "The Winter Line" Richard J. Lewis Matthew Pitts & Lisa Joy March 22, 2020 0.778[13]
3 "The Absence of Field" Amanda Marsalis Denise Thé March 29, 2020 0.801[14]
4 "The Mother of Exiles" Paul Cameron Jordan Goldberg & Lisa Joy April 5, 2020 TBA
5 "Genre" Anna Foerster Karrie Crouse April 12, 2020 TBA
6 "Decoherence" Jennifer Getzinger Suzanne Wrubel & Lisa Joy April 19, 2020 TBA
7 "Passed Pawn" Helen Shaver Gina Atwater April 26, 2020 TBA
8 "Crisis Theory" Jennifer Getzinger Jonathan Nolan & Denise Thé May 3, 2020 TBA



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