Sector 17 Cottage is a cottage in an area of the Westworld park that contains a simulation of the family of Robert Ford. Hosts play the roles of his brother, father, and mother. This simulation allows Ford to preserve and re-live his happy memories of a family vacation in Pendeen (Cornwall). Ford says that Arnold created the cottage and hosts as a gift to him. Arnold modeled them on a description of a vacation Ford told him about (" only happy memory of my childhood").

The simulation centers around a cottage where the following hosts live:

In the basement of this cottage is a Remote Diagnostic Facility used by Arnold when he was alive, and now used by Ford. Neither the cottage, nor the Remote Diagnostic Facility underneath it, are on the survey of the park.

A synthetic version of Robert Ford's childhood dog also inhabits the cottage.

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The real world location of this set is a guesthouse in Glenoaks Canyon which was up for sale in May of 2017.[1] Pictures below.

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