Sheriff Pickett is a Host in Westworld based in Sweetwater. His main narrative is to lead a group of guests to capture Hector Escaton and other wanted criminals. He is portrayed by Brian Howe and is first seen in the episode "The Original" in Season One.

Season One

"The Original"

Sheriff Pickett is first seen as Teddy Flood gets off the train in Sweetwater. He is recruiting men to go after Hector Escaton and his gang and attempts to recruit Teddy, but he declines. Pickett later recruits two Guests, Craig and Lori.[1]

Later, while leading the posse to hunt down Hector, the sheriff begins to malfunction, making the guests believe he's having some kind of stroke. In this state the Sheriff hurts himself so badly that he becomes bloodied with a visible bare scalp, and as such he is recalled by the park staff. Bernard Lowe investigates and finds that the root cause of the problem is that the latest update to his core programming introduced new code designed by Robert Ford called "Reveries".[1]

"The Stray"

After being repaired and put back in operation, he is part of the posse sent to hunt down Wyatt and goes with Marti to recruit Teddy for the hunt. When they find the men gorily tortured by Wyatt, Sheriff Pickett says he "took an oath" as sherriff and stays with Marti and Teddy while the deputy takes another guest back to town. Soonafter, they are ambushed by Wyatt's men and the Sherriff appears to be brutally killed by them.[2]

"Trace Decay"

Later, Sheriff Pickett is present during one of Hector's raids on Sweetwater and prepares to counter him. Yet Maeve, given administrative privileges over the other Hosts and wanting to keep the bandits alive during the raid, commands the Sheriff to judge the rioters as "outstanding, God-fearing citizens." Subsequently, he retracts his pistol and walks away from Hector into the street. As he passes Armistice, he stops and gives her a friendly two-fingered salute before continuing. Armistice, though momentarily nonplussed by the Sheriff's behavior, nevertheless proceeds to shoot him in the back and sends him bloodily cascading to the ground.[3]


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