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The Shogun (real name unknown) is a character on the HBO show Westworld, he is played by Masaru Shinozuka. He's a warlord and the leader of an army.



The Shogun is a ruthless military leader in Shogunworld. However, after the reveries update, he starts to go off-script and stops following his narrative. 


Season Two[]

"Akane No Mai"[]

The Shogun sends his emissary to Akane's teahouse to take Sakura permanently. After noticing that emissary is missing, he sends a team of ninjas to attack the teahouse. Later, he sends his army to take the rebels hostage.

After Maeve's group arrives at shogun's camp and Maeve bestows her present, the Shogun parades Sakura in front of them, and Akane stands and talks to him. He doesn't understand why they haven't fled after killing his emissary. Akane offers any price for Sakura - he asks that Akane dance for him, and then Sakura is hers. Shortly after in their tent, Sakura reveals to Maeve and Akane that the Shogun has had a picture of a cherry tree (reflecting her name, which means "cherry blossom") carved into her back. She's in great pain and Akane comforts her by telling a version of the story Maeve always tells, about being who she wants to be. Maeve tells Akane about her daughter, and about the wider world - offering her freedom. Akane declines, looking at Sakura.

Akane and Sakura start their dance but the Shogun stops them immediately, walks up to the low stage and kills Sakura, giving her - dead - to Akane. He makes Akane dance; Maeve can't do anything but watch. She dances towards the Shogun - removes a large pin from her hair and stabs him in the ear, killing him. The Ninjas prepare to execute Maeve and Akane, but Maeve silently controls them and the Ninjas kill each other. Sizemore scrambles to get out of the way as the Ninjas slaughter themselves.

Related Casualties[]

This list shows the victims the Shogun has killed:


The Shogun is a sadistic man who cannot take "no" for an asnwer. He kidnaps Sakura and carves a cherry tree into her back to make her more "beautiful", and when he heard that there was a "witch" who can control minds with her voice (Maeve Millay), he orders all his men to burn their ears.

Known Deaths[]

The Shogun had died 1 time on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:



  • Due to Shōgunworld being set in the Edo-period of Japanese history and the shōgun claiming to have united the realm and commanded the siege of Osaka, he is most likely supposed to be Tokugawa Ieyasu. Though it would cause an anachronism with the existence of Chinese ambassador hosts in Shōgunworld, given that the attire they wore were based on the official's uniform of the Qing dynasty, which wasn't establish until 20 years after Tokugawa Ieyasu's death.