Samurai World or Samuraiworld is a speculative name for another of Delos's parks, a sister park to Westworld. An "SW" logo is revealed in "The Bicameral Mind" as the viewer sees Maeve, Felix, Hector and Armistice attempt escape on a floor that appears like the Behavioral levels of Westworld's team, but with stationary and looping samurais (which don't notice our escapees) instead of cowboy/western-themed hosts.


It should be noted that the content seen on the "SW" floor is not a park, but rather hosts and branding that may be either for an existing park or a future planned park.

It is presently not clear where SamuraiWorld may or may not exist, as the topographical map does not seem to present room for other parks.

Indication of Other Parks

There are other indicators that Westworld may not be the only park:

Lee Sizemore is seen at the arrival Monorail Platform demanding to be Ford's replacement from Charlotte Hale having hacked (Old) Peter Abernathy with a new character to leave for the Mainland with the Intellectual Property Payload: "I want full creative control over this place: the Parks, the Narratives, the Hosts."

• Maeve is later given a slip of paper from Felix with the location of her daughter: Park 1 Sector 15 Zone 3—indicating Westworld's designation may be Park 1.


Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have indicated that the name could be Samurai World, but could also be Shogun World or Sensei World, among others.[1]

Nolan goes on to indicate his love of Samurai movies that were emerging alongside westerns, especially Samurai movies redone by western director Sergio Leone.


The multiple-park concept comes from Michael Crichton's 1973 Westworld. In the opening scene a Ed Ramsey describes the theme park Delos, containing three worlds inside: "Medieval World, Roman World, and, of course, Westworld."

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