Shogun World: Development Section or Samurai World is a speculative name for another of Delos's parks, a sister park to Westworld. A "SW" logo is revealed in "The Bicameral Mind" as the viewer sees Maeve, Felix, Hector and Armistice attempt escape on a floor that appears similar to the Behavioral levels within the Westworld Mesa Hub. Some samurais hosts are rehearsing the actions they will use in their loops, but they don't notice the escapees. Other hosts are standing quietly, waiting.


It should be noted that the content seen on the "SW" floor is not a park. This area seems to be the equivalent of Westworld's Behavior Lab and Diagnostics. It contains hosts and branding that may be for either an existing park or a future planned park.

It is not yet clear where Shogun World: Development Section may be as the topographical map in the Westworld control room, for instance, does not seem to display room for other parks, nor does a fully featured park make sense with the Mesa Hub.

Other Parks

There are some clues that Westworld is not the only park:

  • Lee Sizemore is seen at Westworld's Monorail Platform in the episode "The Bicameral Mind", talking to Charlotte Hale. He wants to be Ford's replacement and says: "I want full creative control over this place: the Parks, the Narratives, the Hosts."
  • Maeve, later in "The Bicameral Mind", is given a note from Felix containing the location of her daughter: Park 1 Sector 15 Zone 3. Westworld's designation may be Park 1.


Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have indicated that the name could be Samurai World, but it could also be Shogun World or Sensei World, among others. They said these names were "good guesses". [1]

Nolan goes on to indicate his love of Samurai movies that were emerging alongside westerns, especially the Samurai movies redone by western director Sergio Leone.


The multiple-park concept comes from Michael Crichton's 1973 film Westworld. In the opening scene Ed Ramsey describes the theme park Delos, containing three worlds inside: "Medieval World, Roman World, and, of course, Westworld."

Medieval and Roman World are briefly seen as side scenes during the bulk of the film. One of the film's protagonists escapes from Westworld through Roman World and into Medieval World for a final confrontation.

Futureworld leaves Westworld deserted and replaces it with Spa World and Futureworld.

Nolan has stated Medieval World and Roman World will not appear in Westworld.


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