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Slim Miller is a host in Westworld that is a wanted outlaw. He makes his first appearances in Dissonance Theory, after being captured by Logan and William. He is portrayed by James Landry Hebert.


Season One

"Dissonance Theory"

Slim is captured by William, Logan, and Holden during a bounty hunt. After his capture, Slim attempts to convince the trio to take him to Pariah. After hearing the offer, Logan immediately shoots Holden and decides to join. William and Dolores reluctantly join the two in their trip to Pariah.


In Pariah, Slim introduces the trio to El Lazo, who sends them on a mission to capture nitroglycerin from Union soldiers. The mission is a success, but Slim is fatally shot. El Lazo claims to have given the nitroglycerin to the Confederados, but it is later revealed that he had pumped all of the nitroglycerin into Slim's corpse, and escaped with it on the train out of Pariah. William and Dolores escape the Confederados using the same train, and reluctantly join forces with El Lazo.

"Trompe L'Oeil"

When the train carrying William, Dolores Abernathy and El Lazo is attacked by the Confederados, Slim's dressed-up and nitroglycerin-filled corpse is sent out on a horse as a distraction. As it gets close to the Confederados El Lazo shoots Slim's corpse, causing an explosion that allows the train's passengers to ride away.[1]

Known Deaths

Slim had died 1 time on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:



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