Snow Lake! Right? Sakura.

–-Lee Sizemore

Snow Lake (雪の湖, Yuki no Mizumi) is a location in Shōgunworld. It is first mentioned in the episode "Akane no Mai".

Season TwoEdit

Akane no MaiEdit

After Akane killed The Shōgun's emissary, Lee Sizemore suggests that they should head for Snow Lake, which in Sakura's backstory, is her birthplace, and also, contains an entrance to the maintenance tunnels that leads back to Westworld.

Phase SpaceEdit

Maeve's group arrives at Snow Lake. Lee Sizemore shows Felix and Sylvester a chute for dropping dead hosts' bodies into the maintenance tunnel. The rest of the group follows Akane to a shrine where they burns Sakura’s heart. Musashi and Akane choose not to follow Maeve back to Westworld, and Hanaryo chooses to go with them. They all respectfully say their goodbyes.


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