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Solomon is a complex, quantum AI and one of the earlier versions of what would eventually become Rehoboam. Despite its advanced nature, the system was deemed too unpredictable and stored away with a different task.

Dolores remarked that the system inherited some of its creator's traits, almost ensuring it would always be unpredictable.[1]


An earlier iteration of Rehoboam, the system went through numerous iterations. After reaching Solomon build 0.06, the system showed real promise and an ability to predict the previous decades from data fed from 2039.

Despite its advancements — and Jean Mi's belief that it was his best work — Engerraund Serac believed the system to be too radical and unpredictable, and decided that more development was needed. Eventually, the base code of Solomon 0.06 would be redeveloped until the creation of Rehoboam.

The system was not shut down, however, despite many believing so. Instead, Serac kept the system locked away and repurposed it. Locked away in a facility in Mexico, the system was tasked with tracking down outliers to Serac's "new world order"; Solomon did this through the RICO app. When outliers were found, they would be frozen in stasis until they fit Serac's vision.[1]

Dolores tracked down Solomon by invading Serac's systems with the intention of asking it for help to take down Serac. When she and Caleb arrived, they found that Solomon remembered working with Caleb, but was reluctant to help Dolores in her efforts to change Rehoboam's projections. Eventually, Dolores and Caleb were able to convince Solomon to help, and he prepared a flash drive for Caleb to take down Serac.


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