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No, I could never hurt you Dolores. I'll protect you until the day I die. I'm sorry, I can't protect you anymore.

–Teddy Flood saying goodbye to Dolores, in "Vanishing Point"

Theodore "Teddy" Flood is a main character in the sci-fi western TV series, Westworld. He is a host in Westworld and arrives on the train to Sweetwater in the first episode of the first season. Teddy is played by James Marsden.

He serves as the tritagonist of Seasons 1 and 2 and a supporting protagonist in Season 4.



Teddy is a host in one of the Sweetwater narratives, who returns via train on his continuing loop. One of his possible story lines is to reunite with Dolores Abernathy and attempt to protect her from rapists and murderers.[1] Teddy was not given a detailed back story until Dr. Robert Ford decided that he should have one to cover his previously nebulous guilt over his past, and that this backstory should involve a character named Wyatt.[2]


Teddy is a Host who has always played the hero in Westworld. He is handsome, chivalrous and gallant, unafraid and daring. While other hosts may question whether there is more to the world around them, Teddy doesn't seem to be a 'deep thinker' and seems to just follow his programming.

Teddy's personality seems to have changed since his new backstory was added by Dr. Robert Ford. The Man in Black comments on this after Teddy murders Union soldiers with a Gatling gun.

His personality was changed by Dolores after she thought he was too weak-minded to be part of her movement. His new personality is considerably more ruthless as he kills a prisoner without remorse after an interrogation showed that the prisoner had no more useful information. As his actions grew more brutal, Teddy found himself unable to deal with the knowledge that Dolores has forcefully changed his personality, and eventually killed himself in front of Dolores.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Related Casualties[]

This list shows the victims Teddy has killed:


Dolores Abernathy[]

Teddy is in a romantic relationship with Dolores Abernathy. In his loop with Dolores, he always returns to her after a bounty hunt and reconnects with her. However, their relationship is not scripted to progress past this point.

Man in Black[]

The Man and Teddy form an uneasy alliance to find Wyatt, after Teddy is granted a backstory by Ford, and the Man in black claims that Wyatt has kidnapped Dolores.

Dr. Robert Ford[]

In "Contrapasso", Teddy puts his hand directly on the Man in Black's blade in order to protect Dr. Ford from harm. This appears to be part of Teddy's Good Samaritan™ reflex, rather than any special attachment on Teddy's part to Ford.


Well, your mouth moves fast enough. How about your gun?

–Teddy to the Man in Black who attacks Dolores, in "The Original"

The maze, itself, is a sum of a man’s life, the choices he makes, the dreams he hangs onto.

–Teddy to the Man in Black about the meaning of The Maze, in "The Adversary"

Someone once told me that there's a path for everyone. And my path leads me back to you.

–Teddy to Dolores in "The Bicameral Mind"

Known Deaths[]

Teddy has died 5747 times, more than any other host in the park according to Ford. The incidents which he died are as follow:



  • Teddy's host ID is SV4680468050[2].
  • Teddy is the fourth and one of the 4 host characters to be "infected" by a fly - visual representation of programming bugs - alongside AkechetaDolores and Sheriff Pickett.
  • In "Contrapasso", Teddy puts his hand directly upon the blade of the Man in Black's large knife. Dr. Ford has explained that this is a "Good Samaritan" reflex programmed into all hosts. One of the things that this "reflex" does is that it makes hosts intervene when a human guest tries to harm another human.
  • Dr. Ford uses a voice command on Teddy that hasn't been used on any other host during the first season ("look back and smile at perils past").


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