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The Forge was a complex laboratory located in Sector 16 of the in Westworld park. The laboratory contained huge servers which stored all the data of the Guests as collected through the hats. It was built by Delos Incorporated, officially as a means to better understand their clients; the secret aim of the project was to gather enough information about a selected group of Guests in order to be able to copy their consciousness in Hosts, making them de facto immortal (e.g. James Delos).

However, unbeknownst to Delos, Bernard Lowe had reprogrammed the Forge as a place for Dolores Abernathy to acquire further knowledge on humans, and Robert Ford had used its servers to upload the Valley Beyond for all the other hosts to access.

Following this, Dolores stole the only encryption key to the data before uploading the data to Delos' satellites[1] — sending with it the Valley Beyond. Engerraund Serac believed Dolores to have the only key to the data, therefore beginning his tyrannical search for her. It was eventually revealed, however, that Bernard Lowe was in fact, unknowingly, in possession of the key. He later used the key to access the Valley Beyond.[2]

Confirmed human copies[]




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