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I need more help, now!

–The Mortician while trying to contact others after Maeve Millay shoots one of her employees

The Mortician (real name unknown) is a minor character in Westworld, played by Elizabeth Anweis. She is an outlaw/black-market clandestine surgeon who helped Dolores in creating new host bodies.


Season Three[]

"The Mother of Exiles"[]

Engerraund Serac first mentioned the Mortican, revealing that she aided Dolores in creating new bodies; he advised in tracking the Mortician down in order to find Dolores.

Maeve goes looking for the Mortician but finds that the Mortician is protected by guards. Maeve asks for the location of the Mortician, but the guards are dismissive of her until she shoots one of them in the crotch, after this, they take her to the Mortician along with the wounded soldier. The Mortician is reluctant to reveal any information to Maeve about Dolores, and Maeve is shot at by one of the guards but is able to take them out. When the Mortician tries to call for help, Maeve overloads her ear-piece. Fearful of Maeve, the Mortician tells Maeve that she gave blood and the identity of Lara Espin to Dolores. Maeve asks about the bodies, but the Mortician tells her that it is above her paygrade and sends her to the Yakuza.

When they arrive at the Yakuza, a fight ensues and it is revealed that Dolores is the head of the operation but disguising herself as Musashi; Dolres kills the Mortician.


Killed by

As Maeve doesn't let the Mortician leave, she becomes a witness of Musashi's (Dolores') plan.

In order to eliminate all witnesses, Dolores shoots the Mortician in her chest.


  • The Mortician is killed by Musashi/Dolores. Her death is indirectly caused by Maeve, as she does not allow her to leave and therefore is privy to Dolores' plan.