The Queen is a character in Westworld film. She is the monarch of Medievalworld's kingdom.



The Queen is resides at her castle with the King. They like to hold feasts in the hall. The Queen is programmed in a way she can betray the King if a guest wishes to have sex with her. However, she may arrange a battle with the Black Knight to add more action to guest's adventure.


Westworld (film)Edit

The Queen is first seen at her apartments served by her maids. They leave as a guest comes over and kisses her. She says the King will kill them if he learns, but he doesn't listen. He starts to advance, but the Queen stops him telling that the Black Knight wants to confront him. She explains he has a feeble left eye and a lack of balance, and the techs at the control room change his attributes to match her words to give the guest some advantage.  On the next day, after having a breakfast and clothing properly, the guest enters the hall only to be confronted by the Black Knight. They engage in a fight, messing with everything around, while the queen watches from stairs. After getting exhausted, the guest proposes to stop the fight and solve the conflict through a conversation, but the knight refuses and finally impales him with his sword. The Queen doesn't seem to react in any way.

Later, when the Chief Supervisor orders to cut the electricity to hinder guests' slaughter, the Queen gets low on battery and freezes on the throne next to his knight.


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