The first reference to William Shakespeare's The Tempest takes place in The Original, though it is not the only Literary Reference in the entire show. Using The Tempest as a launching point, there are some similarities between the play and Westworld themes.

The Tempest, Act I, Scene 2 Edit

NOTE:This is not an exact replication of the scene, but a paraphrasing of it intended to convey the gist of the scene

Prospero. My brave spirit. Who was the one who kept his head during all this uproar?
Ariel. Not a soul. They were all scared and went crazy, jumping overboard and screaming like mad men. When they saw my fire, the king’s son, Ferdinand’s hair stood on end. He was the first one to leap aboard shouting, ‘Hell’s empty, and all the devils are here!’
Prospero. That’s more like it! Where are they?
Ariel. Close by, my master.
Prospero. Are they safe, Ariel?
Ariel. Oh, not a hair on their head touched, Master. Not even a tear or stain on their clothes. They’re good as new – even better. As you told me, I got my troops to look after the other people but I took care of the king’s son myself. I left him moping and sighing, sitting like this.
Prospero. No. I reckon it’s at least two o clock. Look, between now and six o’clock, we’ve both got a lot to do.
Ariel. Is there more work? You gave me a very hard task to do. Just let me say that so far, you haven’t given me what you promised me for the last one.
Prospero. What do you want?
Ariel. Set me free.
Prospero. Not before the time is right.
Ariel. I’ve always served you well. I’ve been honest, made no mistakes. Worked without grumbling. You even promised to reduce my service time by one year.
Prospero. Are you forgetting what I saved you from and where I got you?[1]

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