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Union Army Soldiers

The Union Army is a group of Hosts based on the real Union Army that was active during the Civil War. 


The Union are an army of hosts in the role of Union soldiers and officers that participate in the War storyline. They are enemies of the Confederados.

Season One


A small Union garrison is camped in front of Pariah.

William, Logan, Dolores Abernathy and Slim Miller are tasked by Lawrence to carry out a heist on a Union covered wagon, carrying a secret cache of jars containing nitroglycerine. The four ambush the wagon and get into a tussle with its Union crew, including the wagon driver.

"The Adversary"

Teddy Flood and the Man in Black are captured by Union soldiers and held as prisoners in a Union army camp, tied to the wheels of a wagon. Teddy managed to break free and use a wagon-mounted Gatling Gun to eliminate the attacking guards at the camp, allowing him and MiB to escape.

Season Two



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