The unnamed therapist serves as a councelor to veterans such as Caleb Nichols.

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Parce Domine Edit

Caleb meets with a therapist and admits that he's been talking with Francis occasionally. The therapist notes that Francis served with Caleb during a challenging time. He asks Caleb what he thinks, and Caleb says that his benefits are conditional on his participating. The therapist asks how he got there, and Caleb remembers serving with Francis. Caleb says nothing, and the therapist tells him that if he doesn't try, the program definitely won't work.

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The therapist appears appear do not have much time for his many patients, such as Caleb, and thus has them interact with an A.I.-program.

The man appears as cold and indifferent, though this likely not personal, but the economic restrains Rehoboam has caused for the world.

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