• On Hale's page, Relationships, Bernard was tortured by Hale but this is really unture. Hale is actually dead and that is Dolores posing as Hale during those scenes. I am not sure when Hale was killed in Season 2 but some scenes during Season 2 is Dolores in Hale's host body. We just didn't know until the finale. 

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    • Hi Blaze,

      You're quite right.

      As to when... 2 things

      1. I was watching this bit of ep 10 again yesterday, and I saw that just before she got shot, Hale told the people she was with that she'd see them later - I'm sure I remember her saying that before.
      2. In the official synopsis, it talks about the extraction team never having dealt with the real Hale, just with Dolores wearing her look-alike.

      My impression is that Dolores was impersonating Hale for quite a bit before she showed her hand and killed Strand etc.

      What do you think?

      I will also invite Cavalier One to comment, as they are very familiar with the timeline complications etc.

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    • Hale was killed before Strand's extraction team reached the beach, so anything that occurs after that with Hale should be Dolores in the Hale-lookalike host. So every interaction that Bernard has with Hale from when the extraction team reach the Mesa is with Dolores, which includes Hale meeting the extraction team, discovering the Bernard hosts, and Hale's torture of Bernard. She obviously keeps the secret until Bernard remembers what he did, throwing the interaction with him when he reaches the Mesa with Strand in a different light.

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