• Hi, ReginaldDrax

    I'm a little confused by the criteria for Category:Antagonists. They kind of look like random characters.

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    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your message.

      I didn't create the category, as far as I know, so it may well contain random characters. To be honest, it's not clear which characters are black and white hats - I started out thinking that Dolores, for instance, was good people but I'm not so sure now.

      It's excellent to see contributions by the way, and I'll become more active myself as season three gets closer.

      Please don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand.

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    • Hi, thanks for your reply.

      It's true the characters in this category are viewed by many to be morally reprehensible.

      But as far as I can tell, a protagonist is the leading character of a story, and an antagonist is the character in a story who is against the protagonist. Whether a character is black hat or white hat, and whether a character is likeable or not, are irrelevent.

      Maybe this category should be renamed into "Category:Villains". But the problem remains, the question of which character is a villain in this series, is still largely decided by the personal feelings of the audiences rather than widely accepted ethical standards - if there are any concerning the scenario of a robot uprising.

      Just a thought.

      P.S. I've always thought of Dolores as an antihero.

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    • ReginaldDrax
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    • > antihero

      She really is. I suspect that, ultimately, she'll be completely beyond any redemption - her last moment of tenderness was with Teddy - and she certainly seems to have gotten rid of any sentiment when dealing with humans.

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    • To be honest, I'm really confused as to why Dolores is the only main character widely disliked by the audiences. 

      Dolores, Maeve, Bernard and Akecheta have all controlled other hosts to do their bidding, decommissioned other hosts when it suited them, and except Akecheta they have all killed humans to further their goals, with seemingly no remorse.

      And it's a lot to ask for any host to be sentimental toward humans when they're in hostile territory where they could get killed by any human at any second.

      Maybe I'm missing something here. I would like to get some opinions on this.

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    • Dolores is played by an attractive, intelligent, and outspoken young woman. Some men seem to have a lot of trouble with these things.

      Actors often get a lot of hassle and their characters a lot of hate. Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori from The Walking Dead, and more recently Brie Larsen who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU. Some men, a lot of men I suspect, don't appear to like strong women.

      Misogyny, that's what I think the reason is.

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    • Thanks, that's a great explanation.

      Though I suspect speciesism may also has a part in it. If Dolores is a human fighting robots instead of a robot fighting humans, she wouldn't be so disliked (e.g. Sarah Connor from The Terminator and Trinity from The Matrix).

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