• Hi again, ReginaldDrax

    I'm not sure whether or not "Ethnicity" in Infobox/Character is really necessary. I coundn't recall any character's ethnicity were explicitly revealed. Given it's contents (e.g. Caucasian American), maybe it should be changed into "Race & Nationality".

    Just a thought.

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    • I'm not sure what this change would add, especially as Ethnicity takes up less space (as a info box label) than Race & Nationality.

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    • Thanks for your reply.

      I just thought it would be more consistent with it's usual contents.

      For most, if not all characters, we can only determine their races and nationalities based on their names, physical appearances, languages, accents, and what we know about their actors. But we can't determine which precise ethnic groups they belong to or self-identify with.

      And I'm not sure human ethnicities apply to hosts, or if the hosts should be considered as an ethnic group in their own right.

      Also, on several pages, the "Ethnicity" is inaccurate or unsupported, such as

      • Clementine Pennyfeather - the ethnicity of Old Clem is listed as Armenian, which is unsupported. There're no evidence the ethnicity of the character is the same as that of the actress.
      • Felix Lutz - the ethnicity of Felix Lutz is listed as Chinese-American (Hong Kong), which is unsupported. In Akane No Mai, he only said he's "from Hong Kong". It doesn't really indicate his ethnicity.
      • Kissy -  the ethnicity of Kissy is listed as Native American, which is inaccurate. In The Original, the bartender refered to Kissy as "half cornhusker".
      • Lawrence's Wife - the ethnicity of Lawrence's Wife is listed as Spanish American, which is unsupported. There're no evidence she's Spanish or American.

      I just think that "Ethnicity" is kind of ambiguous. But if no one else feels this way, then I'm ok with it.

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    • "Age" in Infobox/Character is also kind of ambiguous when it's used for host characters.

      Does it mean how long the host has been created, or the age the host was built to represent?

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    • I'd say that age, Ethnicity, gender and pretty much every other human characteristic, really mean Apparent Age, etc, when applied to a host. I'd say that these are all valid observations though.

      We don't make that point anywhere in the wiki, we probably should. How would this be best done?

      Nice catch with Kissy, please feel free to remove or amend inaccuracies and unsupported statements when you see them.

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