• Hi ReginaldDrax, I have been receiving a lot of messages in the last months, so I couldn’t answer you before. We have been trying to obtain the status of Official Wiki for this community, but it still on discussion. We have access to press releases and official assets now, but this is limited to Fandom employees with signed NDAs, just like TimeShade (Wiki Manager) and Original Authority (Content Team Member). They will be (especially Original Authority) adding the content to the wiki, based on the analysis of our SEO & content analysts so it will be useful for the wiki at the end.

    I have seen you were talking in the last days, that’s great, I like that collaboration between staff and local admins! We want the best for the community and this coordination is key to reach the success.

    Original Authority told me you would like to see our competitive analysis and stats. I haven't any problem on sharing all this info, may I send you an email with the docs? Data will be accessible for you because you are admin, but it shouldn't be re-shared with others without permission.


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