• Hello Red, Just a note to say hi. Hope you and yours are well and that you're getting the free time to watch Season 3.

    Stay safe, say hi when you have a minute


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    • Hi Reggie!

      Love the new theme for the wiki, really captures the shift in the show's direction well.

      Sorry for the late response, things have been a bit crazy IRL (though that's not limited to where I live, I know). But all good otherwise, hope the same goes for you?

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    • Hey Red,

      Good to hear from you, and pleased you're well. Just thought I'd check in as things are a bit mad everywhere at the moment :) Hope your corner of SA is nice and boring.

      Pleased you like the theme - One of the fandom people did the background and I stole the colours from the artwork. I'm a bit disappointed with season 3 so far though - hope you're enjoying it.


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    • Oh shoot, I use wikia on mobile so I can't see the background :( I'll have to take a look on my laptop when (if) it decides to work.

      Things are very dicey here at the moment. We don't have a lot of cases but everything is running under heavy restrictions and it's hurting a lot of businesses. But it could be worse, I know.

      Personally I'm more annoyed being stuck at home having to listen to certain family members' opinions about everything. Mine is definitely not a family suited to long periods alone together lmao 😂

      And seriously, what the heck happened to Westworld?! It was like the only thing to look forward to for a while and it was so...underwhelming? Did they fire the S1-2 writers or something...

      It's Game of Thrones all over again 😭

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    • Hi, the new background is File:Wiki-background, think you can click on that to see it...

      We're locked down here as well, not sure that any household is completely suitable for long-term family closeness! We're lucky for the moment, no one here has lost their job yet and we're all healthy I think - I can't complain.

      Your laptop died :( that's not good. Our son is about your age and I don't like to imagine how unhappy he'd be without a big enough screen to kill aliens etc on. Hope you can fix it - I could FedEx you a hammer if that would help. Just let me know. 😋

      And yeah... We've gone from a series where you had to look closely at the label on what *seemed* to be the same can in different scenes, to... I'm not sure what this is yet. They seem to have completely lost their way. Like you, I'm somewhat underwhelmed.

      What else are you watching? We've just binged "Dead To Me" season 2.

      (I very recently watched GoT from beginning to end, I was "NEVER" going to watch it but gave in after years of waiting for final book. I seem to be the single person on the planet who likes the ending.)

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    • OMG the background would make such a great meme format 😂 That host skeleton is a mood lol

      That's great to hear! Lucky for us my parents are "essential" workers so they just carried on like normal, but bookstores unfortunately were not (totally not fair).

      I think the only episode I enjoyed was where Charlotte and Dolores met up and had their little pep talk. Of course after finding out that Charlotte was another Dolores it's a bit creepy in hindsight... Damn

      Nothing else has really grabbed my attention. I binged She Ra at the start of May and that's it :p

      Also the Magnus Archives. Never knew how much I needed existential horror podcasts in my life until now.

      We do not speak of the cursed series. Too soon.

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    • > She Ra ... Also the Magnus Archives

      Don't know either of those, I'll have a look.

      > We do not speak of the cursed series.

      Ok ... *searching for raised eyebrow emoji*

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