• Hey Reggie, hope all is well. How did you enjoy the latest season of Westworld?

    I'd like to spark some discussions on what you think of the top navigation. The top navigation is actually one of the most important parts of a wiki. For optimal navigation structure, top level items should give readers an idea what they'd like to find.

    Currently the top level items are:

    • Westworld
    • More
    • Yet More
    • Season 3 Portal

    With the two in the middle, "more", and "yet more", it may make it difficult for the average reader to find what they're looking for. Especially as the items in each item below have little to no correlation. There is a best practices blog on central offering tips on a good navigation structure.

    I'd like to work on you with improving it. Do you have ideas on how to better group the two middle top level items and what content should be below it?

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    • Good idea, I put that menu together four years ago in about ten minutes (or less) and haven't thought about it since. Looking at the most visited and searched for pages, I was wondering if the structure should look more like this:

      • TV Show
        • Season 1
          • Ep1
          • Ep2
        • Season 2
        • Season 3
        • Season 4
        • Timeline
      • Characters
        • Dolores
          • Relationships
          • Pictures
        • Maeve
          • Relationships
          • Pictures
      • Cast
        • Evan Rachel Wood
        • Thandie Newton
        • etc
      Westworld (park)|1 Westworld
      Shōgunworld (park)|2 Shōgunworld
      Warworld|3 Warworld
      Fantasy World|4 "Fantasy World"
      Park five|5 Park five
      The Raj (park)|6 The Raj
      Other things

      (Updated from discussion below)

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    • I'm not sure if I enjoyed Season 3 or not, to be honest. The subtlety and attention to detail that was so much a part of S1 seems not to be the focus at the moment. It's still as good as anything else out there at the moment...

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    • Ah, that's a shame. Hopefully the next season will be better.

      That's an improvement, but not sure I would link to the gallery pages, just the character may be fine.

      The last stuff still is a little vague. Maybe a top level for the parks instead?

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    • Updated - and that is better.

      I read the article by Mira Laime btw and it seems very sensible - the top menu should be aimed at Readers rather than Editors.

      I do need to keep the editors engaged though. It's often the nitty-gritty of locations, real world locations, music, weapons, vehicles, props etc that really interest editors. It's this fine detail that gives the wiki it's "authority" and completeness. Even if it's not read as much the editors that create those pages are also the people who comb through episode and character articles making them complete and consistent.

      Up to now I've been relying on the Navigation menu to give editors quick access to the Locations articles (for instance). How can I stop those articles stagnating without that direct access?

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    • previous version archived here

      • #|Westworld
        • Season One#Episodes|Season One
          • The Original|Ep 1 The Original
          • Chestnut|Ep 2 Chestnut
          • The Stray|Ep 3 The Stray
          • Dissonance Theory|Ep 4 Dissonance Theory
          • Contrapasso|Ep 5 Contrapasso
          • The Adversary|Ep 6 The Adversary
          • Trompe L'Oeil|Ep 7 Trompe L'Oeil
          • Trace Decay|Ep 8 Trace Decay
          • The Well-Tempered Clavier|Ep 9 The Well-Tempered Clavier
          • The Bicameral Mind|Ep 10 The Bicameral Mind
        • Season Two
          • Journey Into Night (episode)|Ep 1 Journey Into Night
          • Reunion|Ep 2 Reunion
          • Virtu e Fortuna|Ep 3 Virtu e Fortuna
          • The Riddle of the Sphinx|Ep 4 The Riddle of the Sphinx
          • 2x05|Ep 5 Akane no Mai
          • Phase Space|Ep 6 Phase Space
          • Les Ecorches|Ep 7 Les Ecorches
          • Kiksuya|Ep 8 Kiksuya
          • Vanishing Point|Ep 9 Vanishing Point
          • The Passenger|Ep 10 The Passenger
        • Season Three
          • Parce Domine|Ep 1 Parce Domine
          • The Winter Line|Ep 2 The Winter Line
          • The Absence of Field|Ep 3 The Absence of Field
          • The Mother of Exiles|Ep 4 The Mother of Exiles
          • Genre|Ep 5 Genre
          • Decoherence|Ep 6 Decoherence
          • Passed Pawn|Ep 7 Passed Pawn
          • Crisis Theory|Ep 8 Crisis Theory
        • Season Four
        • #|Parks
          • Westworld (park)|1 Westworld
          • Shōgunworld (park)|2 Shōgunworld
          • Warworld|3 Warworld
          • Fantasy World|4 "Fantasy World"
          • Park five|5 Park five
          • The Raj (park)|6 The Raj
        • Timeline
        • #category:Cast#|Cast
          • Evan Rachel Wood
          • Thandie Newton
          • Jeffrey Wright
          • James Marsden
          • Sidse Babett Knudsen
          • Angela Sarafyan
          • Jimmi Simpson
          • Shannon Woodward
          • Ed Harris
          • Anthony Hopkins
        • Category:Characters|Characters
          • Dolores Abernathy
          • Maeve Millay
          • Bernard Lowe
          • Teddy Flood
          • Theresa Cullen
          • Clementine Pennyfeather
          • William
          • Elsie Hughes
          • James Delos
          • Robert Ford|Dr. Robert Ford
        • #|1970s Films & TV Series
          • Westworld (film)|Westworld (1970s film)
          • Futureworld|Futureworld (1970s film)
          • Beyond Westworld|Beyond Westworld (1970s TV series)
      • #|More
        • Image Galleries|Image Galleries
          • Fan Art
          • SXSW 2018 Images|SXSW 2018, Images
          • SDCC2017 Images|San Diego Comic Con 2017, Images
          • Gallery:Dolores Abernathy|Dolores Abernathy
          • Gallery:Behind the Scenes|Behind the Scenes
          • Gallery:Clementine Pennyfeather|Clementine Pennyfeather
          • Gallery:Maeve Millay|Maeve Millay
          • Gallery:Man in Black|Man in Black
          • Gallery:Robert Ford|Robert Ford
          • Gallery:Teddy Flood|Teddy Flood
        • #category:Locations#|Locations
        • #category:Weapons#|Weapons
        • #|Music
          • Westworld: Season 1 (Music from the HBO® Series)|Season 1
          • Westworld: Season 2 (Music from the HBO® Series)|Season 2
          • Westworld: Season 3 (Music from the HBO® Series)|Season 3
        • Fan Art
        • #|Admin
          • Policies, Guidelines and Parent Filter‎‎
          • Style Guide
      • #|Yet More
        • #category:Op-Ed Pieces#|Op-Ed Pieces
        • Control Room Staff Training
        • #category:Behind the scenes#|Behind The Scenes
        • Downloads
      • Project:Season 3|Season 3 portal
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    • ReginaldDrax wrote: Up to now I've been relying on the Navigation menu to give editors quick access to the Locations articles (for instance). How can I stop those articles stagnating without that direct access?

      Really it's about using links effectively in the main articles. Which brings me to another topic. There are currently 50 orphaned pages, meaning no articles link toward those articles. This means people won't find these articles unless they specifically search for them. I could talk to the CTM and we can coordinate on clearing that list so ech page is linked to at least once (though the more the better).

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    • Howdy! Hope all is well.

      I can clean up those links later on today. I am a little concerned about the splitting off episode summaries that have occured on character pages, and tabview is being used extensively to the point where it will be quite hard to clear the list. Is there a reason each episode for Robert Ford, Man in Black and Dolores Abernathy has been split into its own page? It's going to make updating articles when S4 comes around extremely difficult for the assigned CTM.

      In order to clear the list we're going to have to find a page where these links can live — any suggestions?

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    • Hello OA,

      Don't "clean" those up yet please, I'll have a look.

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    • Hi TimeShade,

      Thank for your message.

      > orphaned pages

      I think most of those are sub pages; linked to from their main pages using <tabview>. The LonelyPages report doesn't appear to recognise the use of that tag and so shows them as orphaned - but actually they are displayed as part of their main page.

      There are some genuinely orphaned pages, Admin for instance, Downloads, and a few others. Mostly these were linked to from the Navigation menu and that's what I was originally asking for advice about. I'll be looking at ways to link to them over the next couple of days.

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