• He is unable to get online right now, personal issues, but I did speak to him via email.

    Question: Would you like to be considered Admin here? We thought about doing a 1 month tirial run, see how it works out, and if does, make you a permanent Admin? Have you been one before? Know what it takes? etc? :)

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    • That would be great! Thank you for your consideration.

      And yes, I have been an admin before. I adopted the Mythology Wiki, though I have been waiting for a chance when I have enough time as I would like to revamp the pages and add content, and as such am not extremely active there. I do monitor the activity everyday though, and block anonymous contributors who vandalise the pages.

      It's not a very impressive résumé, I know, but I do know how to edit the JS and CSS pages, and use the admin tools, as well as help/warn users if necessary. I am also a Rollback/Chat Mod on another wiki, so I am used to watching pages for bad faith edits.

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    • Welcome :)

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    • Sounds good to me. We just need someone we can trust, who is diligent enough to catch spammers and vandilism, who can also remind people of our image policy. We have 4 templates we use (ImagePolicyFirstWarning) (ImagePolicySecondWarning) Third and Final, so on. :)  Welcome!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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