• Hi Red,

    Hope you're well and had a good Christmas.

    Have a look at this when you have a minute, wikia support have offered to enable it on Westworld if we want. It would (for instance) let us build a list of pages that were in two categories but not in a third.

    Let me know what you think.

    Oh, and have a good New Year's Eve :)

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    • Hey Mike, thanks, Christmas was fine.

      I think that could be useful in terms of helping users navigate the wiki. Go ahead and request it.

      Happy New year 🎉

      Sorry for not being too active lately, but I'm trying to prepare two wikis for a spotlight. It's a lot of work 😅
      I haven't forgotten the wiki. :)

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    • Hey Red,

      I think it would be useful as well, I'll request it. And yes, navigation templates is exactly what I had in mind.

      And don't worry about being busy, I'm going to be pretty busy as well once Colony starts up again on the 12th.

      Let me know if you need a hand doing grunt work on one of your wikis.

      Talk to you soon, don't drink too much lemonade this evening.


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