• Hi Mike!

    I wanted to reach out and see if you'd be interested in giving us some feedback about Westworld? We're going to be meeting with HBO in a couple of weeks and would love to share your thoughts on the show, how you liked working on the Westworld wiki, and what you're looking forward to the most in Season 2.

    Also--would you be interested in working with us and providing feedback on potential engagement programs for Westworld? Let me know if any of this sounds appealing to you! :)

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    • Hi Mandy,

      Just to let you know I've seen your message, I'll be replying properly tomorrow - thanks for reaching out and asking for feedback; it's appreciated.

      Talk to you soon.


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    • Hi,

      Good to hear from you.

      I've really enjoyed working on the Westworld wiki; it's been very different to any of the other wikis I've been involved with. The level of fan engagement, (because of the trails of breadcrumbs left by the showrunners and layers of references to other works) is a big step up.

      Like most fans, I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what happened at the Gala - and if enough board members survived to keep Delos running in any form, and if they "allow" it to keep running. The additional park, Shogun/Samurai World is going to add another dimension, I'll be interested to see how they manage to include a whole new park without slowing the narrative too much. I'm also wondering what happened to Ashley Stubbs and Elsie Hughes...

      Yes, I'd be interested in working on/feeding back on potential programmes; that sounds interesting. Like most wikis, WW is mostly about documenting the show, less about theories and speculation - at the moment. So there's plenty of room here to broaden the engagement.


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    • Thank you so much for your response Mike! I'll keep you posted about upcoming potential programming. :)

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