• Hello Rhae,

    I've got a problem on the Colony wiki - I think (but don't know) that it's CSS related. A Navbox template (Template:Navbox/Episodes) I've copied from the GoT wiki isn't displaying as I expected. Can you help/advise?

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    • I can try. Don't hold your breath though 😂

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    • Okay, I (sort of) figured out the issue. I think. I hope.

      The GoT wiki has some code on their Wikia.CSS page that styles their navboxes and gives them colour and borders. That's why on the colony wiki the template is just white without colour where the season is displayed.

      Unfortunately the code is a bit too complicated for me to understand at my beginner's level :)

      I did go through the history on the template page and found the code was added by a Wikia Staff member. You could try contacting him on his Message Wall about adding the code to the colony wiki.

      Hope this helps 😊

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    • Thanks Red, nice of you :) I'll contact them.

      How are you getting on? Keeping busy?

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    • Not really. Just been studying for an accounting test and hanging around on wikia.

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    • Managed to understand what was going on enough to get a start. Thanks :)

      Can I tempt you with a nice alien invasion / resistance / family drama? Plenty to do on the Colony wiki if you need a good excuse not to study bean counting...

      (if you have time, the counting of beans will pay a lot of bills - something the editing of wikis will not...)

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    • LOL, I haven't actually seen the show before. I'll keep an eye out for it though. Anything to distract from numbers and accounts.

      I do need to pay more attention to my studies 😧

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    • I don't envy you studying accounting, or is that a choice?

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    • A FANDOM user
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