• Hi Skip,

    Hope you're well.

    I've been reading the Personality section of the MiB's page and strikes me that it's good writing but contains quite a bit of opinion. I got 1/2 way through editing when it occurred to me it could be the basis of an OpEd piece or a Blog article.

    What do you think?

    Would you be interested in writing a "What Turned William Into The Man in Black?" analysis?

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    • I am unwell.  :'(  I have a MASSIVE amount of mouth pain. I'm taking 4,000 mg. of Acetaminaphen per day, and massive amounts of Ibuprofen.

      Someone just changed the MiB's status to "dead", and then to "gay".

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    • How does one edit the tabs for the appearance of the MiB in the individual episodes, please?

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    • Oh no :( If that's toothache can I suggest 1gm Tylenol and 8mg Codeine every four hours?

      (I'll ban the dead and gay joker, and then answer your tab question)

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    • My mistake, Acetaminophen and Tylenol are the same thing

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    • The sections look like this example:

      Man in Black/Young William/The Original|Young William
      Man in Black/Old William/The Original|Old William

      The two articles to edit for the section above would be:

      This, believe it or not, is the simplest way of editing tabs we could find. The other ways are horrible.

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    • Codeine is impossible to get, and hydrocodone and oxycodone are almost as impossible.  Most dentists and oral surgeons don't seem to have the authority to prescribe Schedule II drugs (the aforementioned opioids), and the ones who are able to prescribe them, will not do so.  I have had to go to the emergency room twice to get dental block injections of marcaine. A friend gave me 2.5 Vicodin pills (a total of 12.5 mg of hydrocodone).

      "Many doctors already decline to treat chronic pain with opioids, fearing prosecution if some of their patients turn out to be addicted to the painkillers and are faking pain, or end up overdosing."

      So, because of this b.s. I endure massive amounts of debilitating pain, lack of sleep due to being awoken by pain, and risk of liver damage and liver failure from too much Tylenol.

      I had a root canal on Tuesday.  I had run out of Vicodin by then. The pain has been so sever since Tueday, that I almost called an ambulance three times. I took 4,000 mg. of Tylenol yesterday. The dentist who did my root canal did not give me a prescription for anything.  :(

      There's also the problem of getting the prescription filled if one does get a doctor to write one a 'script for codeine or other opioids... Most of the time when I go to my CVS pharmacy, they tell me that that do not have the drug in stock.  "Many pharmacies also refuse to carry Schedule II drugs."

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    • This sounds awful, I really do feel for you. :(

      Hope you got some sleep, careful with the Acetaminophen please. How are you combining the Acetaminophen with Ibuprofen? Sorry I can't help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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