• Hello Skip,

    Hope you're well - esp hoping your tooth is better.

    Wikia are testing some new bits on the wiki, details etc. here Thread:6414

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    • I'm sorry that I haven't had the time to look at this...  :(

      BTW, I just saw your new edit to "Dolores", and you changed something that was correct: "Dolores' storyline resets,"

      It is called a "storyline", and "reset" is the correct Westworld jargon. Please, see the Dolores storyline flowchart from the Narrative department.

      Also, "narrative" and "storyline" are not synonymous. For example: inside the Escape storyline, there are many narratives.

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    • We don't have to use the WW jargon, it's quite correct to say that her narrative loop, or storyline begins again, or resets. The important thing is that the meaning is clear and the phrasing not too clumsy.

      That's interesting though, are Narrative and Storyline defined separately somewhere?

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    • Do you like the new article header?

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    • My point is that it is not correct to say "narrative loop". Is there somewhere that "narrative loop" is actually said in the TV show?

      Also, my point is that "storyline resets" was correct, so there was no reason to change it to the incorrect.

      As I said previously, the loop that is being referred to is called her storyline in the flowchart from the Narrative department.

      Yes, Maeve's 'Escape' storyline is made up of many narratives. The terms are not synonymous.

      Yes, we should use the WW jargon correctly.  The meaning was clear and the phrasing was not clumsy!

      I do not have more time to devote to this at the moment.

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    • It seems that every time we speak it turns it an argument about something trivial.

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    • I do not see this as an ARGUMENT at all. I guess you don't want me talking to you at all. We can no longer talk to each other?

      Why use the word "trivial'? Please, clear that up. What are you intentions by using words such as "argument" and "trivial", please.

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