• Hello Skip,

    Just to let you know.

    A user has created a trivia section in this article with some unsubstantiated claims about the locomotive used in the series. I've left it "as is" for the moment while I have a conversation about sources with the user. It obviously can't stay as it is if we can't back it up.

    There's an interesting article about steam locos in film and tv mentioned on my wall if you're interested. Some of them aren't steam at all, apparently.

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    • Cool. :)

      Hopefully, he'll add sources after you contact him.

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    • I don't know about the veracity of his claim that it was used in Westworld, but I looked up the Advil commercial.

      "The Fillmore & Western Railway recently obtained a faux steam engine from Disney Studios that was used in the Lone Ranger movie and it's already been put to work. The assignment: Advil commercial. Location. Sespe Creek."

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    • This is interesting: "The Lone ranger train was actual props built and shoved around a 5 mile loop of track with a switch engine. The commercial was filmed on Filmore & Western, who I guess ended up with the Lone Ranger prop engine. What I don't get though, is why they used a phony prop engine when F&W has a real serviceable steam engine."

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    • "There's an interesting article about steam locos in film and tv mentioned on my wall if you're interested. Some of them aren't steam at all, apparently." I'd be interested in this article...

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    • Hi Skip,

      Have a look on my wall, there's a message from Rob about the locomotive used in Westworld.

      He's saying that although it can't be backed up by an external source he believes the loco used is the locomotive Constitution, also used as the Advil Express, and that he can make a case for that - backed up by photographic comparison.

      This wouldn't be allowed on Wikipedia, they have a rule prohibiting original research. But we're not Wikipedia and I'm minded to say that a page which presented that argument, attributed to Rob, and which didn't say it was established fact, would be acceptable - and an interesting addition to the wiki.

      At the moment, you and I are the editors here that feel strongly about accuracy and verifiability on the wiki, and I wouldn't be ok (at all) including an article like this without your agreement.

      What are your thoughts?

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    • Hi!  :) All of the following is just my opinion of what should be done.

      If you really want this speculation in the entry all that badly, I wouldn't put up a fuss, as long as it's kept to a "Trivia" section ("Notes" would not be accurate/good, IMO). This section of this entry should be very clear that this is the opinion of one person, and that there are no other sources at all. 

      Plus, what he contributed to the train platform entry previously was a mess, and needed/still needs to be heavily edited. So, he should write it up and e-mail it to us, since we would have to do some work on it to have it look and sound up to the level of other parts of the Westworld Wiki.

      There would have to be (in my opinion) a good case laid out with many good photos.

      That said, I don't know that it is important to have this information on the Westworld wiki though. There are other wikis and many train afficianado blogs, message boards, and web sites that I think this would be much more appropriate for. He already contributed this information elsewhere (a Disney wiki, and a message board too, IIRC).

      Perhaps in a Trivia section, there could be sometime shorter along the lines of (and this is just a couple of preliminary ideas and not fleshed out):

      (1) film and TV shows exclusively [or almost exclusively - I don't know which is correct] use locomotives and trains from [name of company that owns The Lone Ranger train].

      (2) wiki user Rob strongly believes that the same faux steam engine that was used in The Lone Ranger and an Advil commercial was also used in Westworld. (With, links/footnotes to the other webpages where he states his opinion).

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    • I think it would be better to have a link to a page that is not on the Westworld wiki, and to have Rob's 'case' (with comparison photos) presented on that other web page (have him lay it out on a message board, his own blog or website, etc.)

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    • I don't see anything from Rob on your wall, btw...

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    • I should have said Rob's Wall..., and yes, I agree - a link in the article to a page maintained by Rob would be better. I'm probably going to offer to help him with that as I'm not sure that English is his first language.

      Thanks Skip.

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    • Thank you! :)

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    • No, thank you, appreciated.

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    • A FANDOM user
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