• Hi Barbara,

    Hope you're well.

    I should have mentioned this before... Can you add some categories to the images you're uploading please? Without them them they won't be noticed or used, but with the right categories they appear in the galleries automatically. For instance, the picture of Akane and Maeve kneeling to be beheaded, I've added that into Category:Images of characters, Category:Images of Maeve Millay, Category:Images of Akane and Category:Images from Akone No Mai

    If you look At the character, episode and season pages, the image has been added to galleries there.

    Anyway, sorry to nag. You enjoy ep5?

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    • You want them in the images only or in the individual. Some don't have a place for me to add images

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    • Some don't have a place? Can you give me an example?

      Please don't take this the wrong way, I like the images you find to upload. If you can add categories then great, if you can't see where a particular image or images fit, just shoot me a line and I'll see what I can do.

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    • Im not understanding what you mean by categories. I try to put the photos in the Gallery section of the person they refer to.  The ones I posted today I put in the post.  You want them only with the person?

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    • For instance, just went and was going to move the photo of Logan on my post about him to the gallery.  There is no....add a photo. Same with Agelia and Clementine. There is Edit....but I have forgotten all my computer skills to do this in that format.

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    • Ok, now I understand.

      Categories are tags which are attached to articles and images. They can mark them as being about something or someone.

      Have a look at this picture here
      . Hover your mouse over the picture and click the little "i" in the bottom right hand corner. This opens the file, at the bottom of the picture you can see that it's in the categories Category:Images of Dolores Abernathy, Category:Images of characters, and Category:Images of Fan Art. You can add it to other categories, tag the image with other categories, by clicking the Add Category button, by the list of categories.

      Having the image tagged with "Category:Images of Dolores" makes it appear in the automatic gallery on Dolores' page - this is why that gallery doesn't have an Add button.

      Hope this helps, just carry on adding pics and dropping me a line if it doesn't :)

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