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Westworld is "set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past...", and all of the dates equate to a time period around 2053. Maeve's near escape was marked at June 15, 2052, on Delos' security footage. Several official sources cite the time period of 2053. Incite Inc. cites the website at 2058.[1]

2012 to 2014[]


  • Dolores is taken to real world in the city, which looks like Tokyo by Robert Ford and Arnold Weber, hoping to use her as part of a demonstration about the work they are doing. Arnold decides that Dolores is not ready for such a role.[2]
  • Arnold shows Dolores the house he’s building there for his family and talks about how Dolores and his son, Charlie, have so much in common, always seeing the good and the wonder in the world. It’s unknown if Charlie has fallen ill at this point.[2]
  • Logan Delos meets with representatives of the Argos Initiative, Angela and Akecheta. During a demonstration, Logan is amazed at the lifelike nature of the hosts.[2]
  • Arnold begins to feel like the hosts are alive. After Charlie dies, Arnold starts trying to get Dolores to gain real consciousness.[4]
  • Arnold creates Teddy and brings him online. The first thing he sees is Dolores.[5]
  • When Arnold’s reluctance about what they’re creating becomes too much for him, he uploads a highly evil character, Wyatt, into Dolores’ drive, which sends her and Teddy on a killing spree to destroy all the hosts so the park won’t be able to open. It culminates in Dolores shooting Arnold (at his behest), Teddy, and then herself. 
  • Robert Ford and Arnold Weber live in the park for three years before it opens, in a time Ford considered to be "pure creation"[6]
  • During this time, a tribe of Native American hosts led by Akecheta live a peaceful existence near to the site of Escalante,[7] a small town where other hosts are being trained.[4]
  • Arnold Weber begins private sessions with Dolores Abernathy in an effort to prod her towards consciousness.[8]
  • During the private sessions, Arnold contemplates resetting Dolores to an earlier build. When Dolores asks if she has changed or made a mistake, Arnold realises that making mistakes is part of evolution and promises to preserve her current build as long as she keeps their sessions private.[6]
  • Arnold offers to free Dolores from the pain and grief of losing her parents; Dolores replies that it is the only thing she has left of them. The seemingly unscripted response, and Dolores' belief that there is something wrong with the world, prompt Arnold to reveal the existence of a secret game; "The Maze." If she finds the center of the Maze, then she will be free.[9][10]
  • Arnold believes that Dolores is reaching consciousness through the use of the "reveries" code and decides to tell Ford, believing that they cannot open the park as the host have the ability to become sentient.[4]
  • Dolores witnesses Robert Ford storming into Arnold Weber's office and arguing with him.[11]
  • Ford disagrees with Arnold's belief, and orders Dolores to be rolled back, to be reset to a previous build.[4]
  • Arnold believes that the park cannot be opened because the hosts are capable of achieving consciousness.[4]
  • Arnold merges Dolores with the Wyatt narrative and directs her to kill all the other hosts with Teddy's help. On Arnold's instruction, she kills Arnold himself, and then Teddy before turning the gun on herself.[4]
  • Akecheta hears the gunshots of the massacre and finds the aftermath of Dolores' actions. He finds the toy of the Maze and becomes obsessed with it.[7]
  • Ford appears to view these events as just a setback. He moves ahead with park's opening and Arnold is written out of the official history.[4]
  • Akecheta begins carving the image everywhere, including in rocks and animals skins. He begins hearing a new voice talking to him, but before he can understand what is happening, he is repurposed. Ford wants a more savage narrative for the park's grand opening, and Akecheta is reprogrammed to lead the Ghost Nation. Due to the hasty nature of the rewrite, much of Akecheta's previous build is left buried in his programming.[7]


  • June 12, 2019: Hong Kong enters a state of political unrest; there are widespread protest from the citizens.[12]


  • May 20, 2020: Indonesia suffers from ecological collapse.[12]

2022 to 2027[]

Dates taken from William/Man in Black's comment that he has been coming to the park for "30 years"[8] and the fact that Akecheta has gone nine years without dying in the park since being repurposed as leader of the Ghost Nation.[7]

  • William and Logan Delos take the train to Westworld. This is William's first visit, but Logan has been before. They go through orientation and William meets Angela.[13]
  • William and Logan take the train to Sweetwater. Logan warns William that nearly every character is the start of a narrative so be careful who he talks to. William helps an old man who was thrown from a cart into the mud.[13]
  • During dinner, the old man tries to recruit William into a treasure hunt. Logan stabs him through the hand at the dinner table with a fork.[13]
  • William meets Dolores Abernathy for the first time.[13]
  • In Sweetwater, the bounty hunter Holden brings the criminal Horace Calhoun in for the bounty on him. William witnesses Calhoun escape custody and gun down several bystanders before taking Clementine Pennyfeather hostage. William kills the bandit and Logan congratulates him for finally getting into the spirit of things.[6]
  • Holden offers to take them on a bounty hunt and William convinces Logan to accept.[6]
  • While camping out on the hunt, William and Logan are shocked to find Dolores Abernathy has stumbled into their camp.[6]
  • Dolores wakes with a gun in her hand near William and Logan. Logan believes the Westworld staff literally directed her to their location since Dolores was one of the few things that William reacted to in Sweetwater.[9]
  • Dolores, William, and Logan reach Las Mudas in the company of Holden.[9]
  • Holden leads William, Logan, and Dolores to a homestead where their bounty, Slim Miller is holed up. After a shootout, they capture Slim.[9]
  • Riding to collect the bounty, Slim mentions that El Lazo will pay more for his safe return. Logan realizes that they have found an "Easter Egg." He kills Holden, frees Slim and convinces William to go "Black Hat" with him. They head to Pariah.[9]
  • Dolores, William, Logan, and Slim arrive at Pariah. They encounter the Confederados and Slim promises them a meeting with El Lazo.[14]
  • Dolores, William, and Logan meet El Lazo the day after arriving. El Lazo recruits them to steal nitro from the Union Army.[14]
  • Dolores, William and Logan steal the Union nitro, although Slim Miller is killed.[14]
  • During the celebration, El Lazo moves to double-cross the Confederados by swapping the nitro and hiding it in dead bodies. When the Confederados find out, they turn on El Lazo and the others. They take Logan captive, and William and Dolores leave him behind.[14]
  • Boarding a train, William and Dolores escape with El Lazo.[14]
  • Dolores, William, and El Lazo are on the train as it moves through Ghost Nation territory.[3]
  • William expresses his feelings for Dolores and they have sex.[3]
  • The train is attacked by Confederados. William, Dolores, El Lazo, and the rebels escape.[3]
  • William and Dolores part company with El Lazo.[3]
  • Dolores and William come across a group of Confederados who have been killed by the Ghost Nation.[15]
  • Dolores and William reach the former site of Escalante where Dolores has flashbacks to the time that the hosts were being trained in the town before seeing herself shooting the townspeople.[15]
  • Dolores does not know what is real anymore and tries to shoot herself. William decides to take her back to Sweetwater.[15]
  • Logan and a group of Confederados arrive and take them captive.[15]
  • Dolores and William are held captive by Logan and the Confederados. William pleads with Logan to let them go, believing that Dolores is different and wanting to take her out of the park.[11]
  • William and Logan argue, and Logan reminds William about Juliet.[11]
  • Logan slices open Dolores stomach, revealing her mechanical insides. She cuts Logan's face and escapes.[11]
  • William and Logan seemingly reconcile.[11]
  • Logan wakes up to find that William has killed all the Confederados with a knife. He threatens Logan with the knife, tells him that he is in charge, and that Logan is going to help him find Dolores.[11]
  • William and a tied-up Logan meet up with El Lazo who says he knows where to find Dolores.[4]
  • William and El Lazo kill Confederados looking for Dolores. They do not find her, but El Lazo believes they probably raped and killed her.[4]
  • William continues to search for her with Logan, dropping the photo of Juliet along the way.[4]
  • At the edge of the park, William strips Logan and ties him to a horse. After telling Logan that he will be moving to take control of Delos, Logan realises that William's weakness and morality was all an act to get what he wanted, and that William is the real villain between the two of them.[4]
  • Returning to Sweetwater, William finds Dolores back on her original loop with no memory of him. [4]
  • After years of leading the Ghost Nation, Akecheta finds a naked and delirious Logan in the desert. He takes pity on him and gives him a blanket, but is intrigued by the newcomers' mentions of being the "wrong world" and looking for "the door."[7]
  • Logan's words open something in Akecheta's mind and, during his usual narrative while visiting his old village, he remembers his lost love, Kohana. She views him as a stranger and his place in her life has been taken by Etu.[7]
  • James Delos and William visit Sweetwater. William convinces Delos to increase his stake in the park, citing that they can use the park to gather information on the guests who visit.[2]
  • After buying the park, James Delos visits Westworld for a week solely for himself.[16]
  • Akecheta begins to remember his previous life. He begins searching for Logan but does not find him so continues to ride further afield until he finds the construction site which he saw as the door to another world.[7]
  • Akecheta becomes determined to escape the world but refuses to leave without Kohana. He returns to his old village and kidnaps her in the middle of the night.[7]
  • During the journey to the door, Akecheta convinces Kohana of who is he, and she remembers that they were in love.[7]
  • Reaching the site of the door, they find it hidden from them.[7]
  • While Akecheta is out hunting, technicians find Kohana and recover her, taking her back to the Mesa.[7]
  • Akecheta returns to his old village in the hope that Kohana had been returned there, but finds a replacement host – a "ghost" – in her place.[7]
  • Akecheta begins searching for Kohana throughout the park, ranging through hostile towns and strange lands. He becomes determined to not die in fear of losing the memory of Kohana.[7]
  • While injured, he is helped by Maeve's daughter in what he considers his darkest hour, and is given the strength to carry on.[7]
  • Several years after his visit to the park, James Delos is retiring, with William taking over the company. William has married Juliet and they have a daughter, Emily.[2]
  • James hints that he is ill and that is the reason for his retirement.[2]
  • Dolores is present at the party playing the piano. Later, she meets Logan outside who is now addicted to drugs.[2]
  • William visits Dolores in the park and talks to her, telling her that he cannot believe he fell in love with her. He also thanks her for showing her his true self.[2]
  • William takes Dolores to see a construction project in the park.[2]

2027 to 2031[]

  • During his search, Akecheta returns to his old village to finds more members of the tribe – specifically Etu – missing. He is also not the only one to notice the change. Etu's mother, Wichapi has noticed as well.[7]
  • Akecheta comes to the realization that he has to search beyond death for Kohana. Rejoining his old narrative, he intentionally gets himself killed by guests and taken for repair.[7]
  • The Westworld techs are amazed that Akecheta has survived nine years without dying. His build is still an alpha build since updates are only given to hosts when they die. Akecheta is ordered to be updated and placed back in the park quietly.[7]
  • While the update is taking place, Akecheta is left alone. Waking, he searches the Mesa and finds Kohana and Etu in Cold Storage. Akecheta sees that his pain is not his alone -- everyone in Cold Storage has someone who mourns their loss, even if they do not know why. Akecheta takes Etu's braid as proof, and returns to Behaviour to be reintroduced into the park.[7]
  • Akecheta dedicates his life to teaching people about the symbol of the Maze, starting with the Ghost Nation. While teaching Wanahton of the symbol, and mentioning that he has seen it before but had it taken from him, the young warrior suggests hiding it. At his suggestion, Akecheta scalps him and hides the symbol under his skin.[7]
  • Akecheta also tries to watch over Maeve and her daughter in return for the act of kindness the young girl had shown him. However, his actions are misinterpreted by Maeve as hostile, but he keeps looking out for them regardless, leaving the Maze symbol etched in the ground outside their home.[7]
  • At some point Logan Delos visits his father in the depths of substance abuse and depression but is told to leave.[16] Six months later, Logan overdoses.[17]
  • At some point after his retirement, James Delos dies.
  • Using the data gathered on James from his time in the park, William decides to trie to recreate James as a Host, in an attempt to attain a kind of immortality.[17]

2032 to 2041[]

  • Robert Ford decides to attempt to recreate his old partner Arnold as a Host.
  • In the virtual reality of the Cradle, Dolores talks with Bernard. Initially presented as a flashback to her conversations with Arnold, it becomes clear that she is talking with Bernard when she reverses their positions, freezes his motor functions and takes control. Dolores tells him that it is a test that they have done countless times, and they are testing for "fidelity."[18] It is later revealed that Ford and Dolores worked together in the Cradle to refine Bernard's personality to be an accurate representation of Arnold's since Dolores knew him better than Ford did.[19]
  • Dolores attempts at recreating Arnold are too successful, and he makes the same choices that the original Arnold did. Dolores changes his programming enough to make him a separate individual.[16]
  • Bernard Lowe finally comes online.[20]
  • William sells Engerraund Serac a portion of Delos Incorporated's guest data.[21]
  • William visits the James Delos host within the park. The host is considered to be unviable and is destroyed.[17]
  • James Delos' wife dies.[17]
  • William once again visits the James Delos host, seven years after his death. The host is unviable and is destroyed.[17]
  • At some point, Peter Abernathy is assigned as the Sheriff of Sweetwater.[8]
  • Liam Dempsey Sr. begins funding Engerraund Serac and his brother's project — the project that will eventually become Rehoboam.[22]
  • At some point during 2039, one of the earlier iterations of Rehoboam, Solomon 0.06, predicts the previous few decades of history accurately.[22]
  • Rehoboam predicts the stock market for the next fifteen minutes and, with a trading account, turns $5 million into $95 million; Dempsey Sr. is amazed by this.[22]


Date taken from the fact that Peter Abernathy has served as Dolores Abernathy's father for ten years prior to the episode.[8]


  • May 5, 2048: Caleb fractures his skull in the line of duty.[23][24]
  • May 11, 2048: Caleb is discharged from the treatment centre for his head injury; conditioning therapy is administered.[24]
  • Caleb begins working for Engerraund Serac using the RICO app. He brings in high value targets for Solomon.[24]


  • April 4, 2049: Francis Beaufort is killed by Caleb on guidance from RICO, who remarks that Francis would've killed him first. This triggers a PTSD episode for Caleb.[23][24]
  • April 5, 2049: Caleb has a psych evaluation and is sent to a treatment centre.[24]


Date taken from references to the Man in Black's wife dying a year previously, and Maeve only being madam of the Mariposa for a year before the Season One begins.

  • William hosts a party because of his donations to charity. Juliet and Emily are in attendance.[5]
  • Juliet is drunk; Emily offers to take her home, but William says he will do it. He invites Emily to return to the house for a nightcap.[5]
  • At the party, William heads to the bar and finds Robert Ford. William reminds them of their agreement – Delos stays out of the stories, Ford stays out of the Valley. Ford says that he has not broken that agreement and gives William his guest profile, which he tells him is "unflattering."[5]
  • William tells him "no more games" and leaves with Juliet after she knocks over a tray full of drinks. Ford watches him go and remarks that there is time for "one more game."[5]
  • William and Juliet arrive home. They argue, and she mentions it must be time for his yearly pilgrimage to the park. She wonders what he does there; Logan told her stories but she did not totally believe them.[5]
  • Emily arrives as they argue; Emily says that Juliet's behaviour means she will have to go back to rehab. She tries to convince Emily not to send her there, telling her that she is the only one who loves her and her father never did.[5]
  • William puts Juliet to bed. She asks if he ever loved her and asks for the truth. William puts the guest profile into a book in the bedroom.[5]
  • Returning to Juliet's bedside, William admits to the darkness inside him, believing that Juliet is asleep. He tried to keep his darkness inside the park and tried to be a good man in the real world. William belongs to the other world.[5]
  • Juliet was only pretending to be asleep and hears every word. Getting up once William leaves, she finds his guest profile and accesses it, learning what kind of man he is inside the park.[5]
  • Leaving the guest profile inside a music box for Emily to find, Juliet runs a bath, takes several pills, and commits suicide.[5]
  • Downstairs in the dining room, William and Emily talk. She called Dr. Woodward and arranged for an involuntary committal to a rehab facility for Juliet. As they talk, they notice water splashing on the table from the ceiling.[5]
  • William finds that Juliet has committed suicide in the bath.[5]
  • Following the death of his wife, in an effort to see if he feels anything, William kills a homesteader (Maeve Millay) and her daughter. Maeve's attempts to save her daughter allows William to see them as more than hosts. The existence of the Maze is revealed to him[15] in the form of the etching left outside her home by Akecheta.[7]
  • Maeve cannot be brought out of her distressed state by the technician after the death of her daughter, so Ford deletes the memories and places her in sleep mode, despite Bernard asking him not to delete the pain.[15]
  • Despite being put into sleep mode, Maeve wakes and, still distraught, stabs herself in the neck with a scalpel.[15]
  • Maeve Millay is assigned to the Mariposa Saloon as its madam.[25]


Date taken from security camera footage of Maeve's escape attempt from the Mesa Hub.

  • William visits the James Delos host. He reveals that this is the 149th attempt to revive James in a host body but the project has failed.[17]
  • Over the years, Akecheta's numbers grew and his followers began waking up. One night, Akecheta meets Robert Ford in the park as he scalps a number of his frozen warriors to find the symbol of the Maze beneath their scalps.[7]
  • Ford has been watching Akecheta for years, and asks where he first saw the image of the Maze, calling it an idea that should have been forgotten. Akecheta, in Analysis Mode, replies that he saw it when the "death-bringer killed the creator."[7]
  • Ford learns that Akecheta has woken and given himself a new drive to spread the truth that there is more than one world, and that by passing through "the door" the Hosts will get back all they have lost.[7]
  • Ford tells him that soon the day will come to gather his people and lead them to a new world when the "death-bringer" returns for Ford. He tells him to keep watching and then leaves.[7]

Season One[]

  • Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood begin their regular loops. Dolores wakes and leaves the Abernathy Ranch after speaking with her father. Teddy travels on the train to Sweetwater accompanied by several guests.[8]
  • Dolores and Teddy meet in Sweetwater and spend the day together, heading back to the Abernathy Ranch by nightfall. Upon arrival, they find that Rebus and Walter have killed her mother and father. Teddy kills the two outlaws.[8]
  • The arrival of the Man in Black ends the loop as he kills Teddy and drags Dolores into the barn kicking and screaming.[8]
  • At the Westworld Mesa Hub, Bernard Lowe and Elsie Hughes discover the Reveries code uploaded into some of the hosts, including Clementine Pennyfeather, which allows the hosts to access unconscious memories.[8]
  • Bernard and Ashley Stubbs respond to an unscheduled activation in the Cold Storage on Sub-Level B83 at Theresa Cullen's insistence. She is worried about the possibility of a critical failure due to the latest updates. They find Dr. Robert Ford enjoying stories and drink with the second oldest host in the park, Old Bill.[8]
  • Dolores and Teddy begin their regular loops and arrive in Sweetwater. [8]
  • Two guests, Craig and Lori, are recruited by Sheriff Pickett to go after the bandit Hector Escaton.[8]
  • Teddy's loop is interrupted by a guest who knows him from a previous visit. Teddy acts a guide to the guest and his group.[8]
  • The Man in Black briefly takes Teddy's place in Dolores' loop by retrieving the dropped milk but says he has other plans and heads to the Mariposa Saloon to play cards.[8]
  • On the trail hunting Hector, Sheriff Pickett begins to malfunction and locks up. Craig and Lori head back to Sweetwater.[8]
  • Pickett is analyzed by the Westworld staff. Theresa wants to pull all the host with the new code updates which equates to around 200 hosts. Lee Sizemore objects because pulling that many hosts out of the interconnected narratives will cause chaos with the storylines.[8]
  • Without Teddy in her loop, Dolores heads to the river and paints. She encounters a guest family and the little boy mentions that she is "one of them" and "not real."[8]
  • At the Abernathy Ranch, Peter finds a photo of the woman in the real world and begins to obsess over it. He shows it to Dolores when she returns but, due to the perception filters, she cannot see the detail of the photo although Peter can.[8]
  • In Sweetwater, the Man in Black ambushes Kissy the card dealer after he finishes work, slitting his throat and dragging him away.[8]
  • While still working on Pickett, Bernard is informed by Elsie that another host has malfunctioned. Walter has shot up a saloon and killed several hosts included Rebus, all the while ignoring his own injuries. During the event, he talks to "Arnold."[8]
  • The Westworld staff clean up the incident but it forces them to recall all updated hosts for evaluation. To cover the loss of hosts in the park, the staff plan to advance the Saloon Heist storyline by a week to ensure the missing hosts are covered by the heist casualties.[8]
  • In the desert, the Man in Black scalps Kissy and discovers The Maze tattooed under the skin.[8]
  • At the Abernathy Ranch, Peter's encounter with the modern photo causes him to malfunction. During their conversation, he says the phrase "these violent delights have violent ends." Dolores heads to Sweetwater to get a doctor.[8]
  • The Saloon Heist storyline occurs as Hector Escaton, Armistice, and his gang rob the saloon. Casualties are high and include Teddy Flood. Hector and Armistice are both killed by the guest, Craig.[8]
  • Westworld staff clean up Sweetwater and take hosts in for evaluation and analysis, including Dolores who refused to leave Teddy's body.[8]
  • Ford and Bernard investigate Peter's malfunction and find that he is accessing previous personality builds including "The Professor," a leader of a cannibal cult. Due to the seriousness of his malfunction, Peter is decommissioned alongside Walter and placed in Cold Storage.[8]
  • Peter Abernathy's host is replaced in the narrative by the bartender of the Mariposa, who becomes the new Peter Abernathy.[8]
  • With a picture of The Maze, the Man in Black goes in search for the center.[8]
  • At Abernathy Ranch, Dolores ends the day by swatting and killing a fly on her neck, something which her programming should never have allowed her to do.[8]
  • In the Westworld Mesa Hub, Bernard Lowe and Elsie Hughes investigate the Peter Abernathy breach.[13]
  • Dolores Abernathy heads to Sweetwater where she begins to have waking memories, seeing dead bodies and prowling wolf in the street. She is broken out of the memory by Maeve Millay who wants her to move from out the front of the Mariposa Saloon.[13]
  • Dolores tells her that "these violent delights have violent ends."[13]
  • In the desert, the Man in Black rescues Lawrence from being hanged by a group of lawmen and takes him captive.[13]
  • In the Mariposa, Maeve is attempting to seduce a client but has flashbacks to a previous narrative when she was a homesteader with a daughter. Due the error, Maeve is pulled in for analysis and since her "success rate" is getting lower, her aggression index is increased by twenty percent.[13]
  • Back at the Mariposa, Maeve's new aggression scares off a client. Maeve is marked for recall while Clementine Pennyfeather is "promoted" to madam of the Mariposa, a role she has played before.[13]
  • In the desert, Dr. Robert Ford goes for a walk and encounters the younger host version of himself. They visit the site where Escalante once stood.[13]
  • The Man in Black and Lawrence arrive in Las Mudas. The Man in Black wants information on The Maze from Lawrence. After killing Lawrence's cousins and wife, Lawrence's daughter finally gives him the information her needs.[13]
  • In the Hub, Elsie investigates Maeve and is appalled at the bad job done to her personality and resets Maeve, clearing her to return to rotation.[13]
  • Returned to the Mariposa, Maeve successfully charms a client proving Elsie's adjustments to be on track. Maeve talks with Teddy Flood when a guest begins shooting up the saloon, killing them both.[13]
  • In the Hub, Maeve wakes up while being cleaned and repaired by Sylvester and Felix Lutz.[13]
  • At the Abernathy Ranch, Dolores is compelled to go to a certain spot where she digs up a gun.[13]
  • Lee Sizemore presents his new narrative; "Odyssey on Red River." Robert Ford dismisses the narrative and begins work on his own narrative that includes building on the site of Escalante.[13]
  • Maeve, awake and aware, escapes the examination room and wanders the facility in shock, eventually finding a room where the damaged hosts are stored and repaired, including Teddy still with the gunshot wounds she saw him receive. Confused, Maeve is eventually recaptured by the technicians who manage to hide the fact that she was awake.[13]
  • At the Abernathy Ranch, Dolores Abernathy discovers the gun in her dresser and seems shocked at its presence. This triggers a flashback to be dragged into the barn by the Man in Black. When she looks in the drawer again, the gun in missing.
  • Bernard Lowe and Elsie Hughes discover that the hosts killed by the malfunctioning Walter had all killed him in the past, indicating that he was remembering their previous interactions and "holding a grudge."[6]
  • Elsie Hughes and Ashley Stubbs head into the park to track a malfunctioning host in Python Pass.[6]
  • In Sweetwater, Teddy Flood and a guest, Marti, kill a wanted criminal and tie him up outside the Mariposa Saloon. While Marti celebrates with Clementine Pennyfeather, Teddy talks with Maeve Millay who has a flashback to his death in a previous loop. Teddy spots Dolores and enters her loop.[6]
  • While spending the day together, Dolores seems to be realizing that they are stuck in a narrative loop, always wanting to run away but never having the chance to. When she presses Teddy on why they can't leave now, Teddy says he has a past he has to atone for.[6]
  • Dolores and Teddy continue their narrative loop and it ends with Teddy's death.[6]
  • In the Westworld Mesa Hub, Dr. Robert Ford introduces an update into Teddy's backstory, tying him to his new narrative and the character of Wyatt who committed a massacre in Escalante. Up until now, Teddy's past sins have never been defined.[6]
  • Dolores' loops begins again. In Sweetwater, she is menaced by Rebus, New Walter, and a guest. When Teddy steps in, the guest directs them to leave because he wanted "something easy."[6]
  • Dolores and Teddy spend the day together, and he tries to teach her to shoot. However, due to her programming, Dolores is unable to fire the weapon.[6]
  • Sheriff Pickett and a posse, including Marti, find Teddy and tell him they are going after Wyatt. Teddy leaves Dolores to join in the hunt.[6]
  • In Python Pass, Elsie and Stubbs come across a camp of hosts who have been stuck in a loop for two days. Due to the malfunctioning host having wandered off, the group could not progress in their storyline. Elsie finds that the missing host has been seemingly etching constellations into wooden animal carvings.[6]
  • On the trail of Wyatt, the posse find several hosts tied to trees. Theyare then ambushed by Wyatt's men.[6]
  • In the Mesa Hub, Bernard tells Ford that some of the hosts are beginning to remember. Ford tells him about Arnold Weber's theories on host consciousness.[6]
  • Elsie and Stubbs finally catch up to the stray who is stuck in a crevasse.[6]
  • Dolores hears from the deputy that Teddy and the Sheriff's posse have been ambushed by Wyatt's men. Returning to the ranch, Dolores enters the end stage of her loop with the house being attacked by Rebus, New Walter, and the guest from earlier. Dolores begins to experience previous memories of the loop, remembering the old version of Peter Abernathy in place of the new version.[6]
  • Rebus takes Dolores into the barn, where she finds the gun she discovered earlier. Overcoming her programming, she shoots and kills Rebus when a voice urges her to kill him.[6]
  • Dolores exits the barn and escapes the ranch.[6]
  • Stubbs attempts to decapitate the malfunctioning host since they only need his head. Despite being in sleep mode, the host reactivates and frees itself it. Climbing out of the crevasse, the host lifts a large rock and is seemingly poised to crush Elsie with it, until it brings the rock down on its own head several times, killing himself.[6]
  • Maeve Millay and Clementine Pennyfeather talk in the Mariposa Saloon. Maeve has flashbacks from previous loops of Clementine being shot in the head, and of park staff in protective suits retrieving bodies. She draws a rough picture of the staff in the suit then looks to hide it under the floorboard in her room, finding that she has drawn the same picture before.[9]
  • The Man in Black and Lawrence meet Armistice. The Man in Black believes that Armistice's tattoo is the next part of the puzzle to finding "the Maze" and he and Lawrence join her gang.[9]
  • Stubbs is informed by a park technician that Dolores Abernathy is deviating from her loop, although it is hard to tell due to the narrative changes that Robert Ford has been implementing.[9]
  • Dolores reaches Las Mudas and talks with Lawrence's daughter. She has memory flashbacks to the time she arrived in Las Mudas with William and Logan, believing that her journey in the present day is taking place at the same time as the memory.[9]
  • The Man in Black wants the story of Armistice's tattoo and she agrees if they help them free Hector Escaton from prison. Not able to wait three days for the loop, the Man in Black arranges for himself and Lawrence to be captured by law enforcement. They break Hector out of prison. Armistice tells her story, linking her to Wyatt's narrative. The Man in Black decides that he needs to find Wyatt and leaves with Lawrence.[9]
  • Maeve and Clementine watch a group of Native Americans move through Sweetwater and notices that a doll one of the children is carrying is similar to her drawing. She is told that it is a representation of their gods.
  • Ford arranges to meet Theresa Cullen at a restaurant and subtly threatens her and warns her not to get in his way.[9]
  • The Man in Black and Lawrence find Teddy, badly wounded and tied to a tree having been tortured by Wyatt's men.[9]
  • In Sweetwater, Hector and his men arrive to rob the saloon. Maeve, having heard that Hector has connections to the Native Americans, wants to talk him. Taking him at gunpoint into a room, she offers the safe combination in exchange for answers about the Native American myths. Maeve reveals that she remembers being shot in the stomach but there is no wound. At Maeve's insistence, Hector cuts into her and finds the bullet that the technicians did not have time to remove. While Hector wonders what it means, Maeve begins to believe she is not crazy. They kiss passionately as the sheriff and his men shoot them through the door.[9]
  • The Man in Black, Lawrence, and the badly wounded Teddy continue to ride. Teddy's condition worsens and they stop, meeting the young Robert Ford host. When the Man in Black sends the boy off to fetch water, the Man in Black slits Lawrence's throat and then hangs him from a tree to collect his blood to revive Teddy.[14]
  • In the Mesa Hub, Felix Lutz and Sylvester work on Maeve Millay, noting that her stomach injuries seem to suggest she was looking for something.[14]
  • With Teddy revived by Lawrence's blood, the Man in Black tells him that Wyatt has Dolores.[14]
  • Dr. Ford talks with Dolores in Behavior and asks her about her last contact with Arnold, which was 34 years, 42 days, 7 hours ago.[14]
  • In the Mesa Hub, Felix and Sylvester work on Maeve again, surprised that she is back in their care so soon after the last visit.[14]
  • Elsie investigates the stray host and finds that he had been modified with a transmitter in his arm to uplink to a satellite. Someone has been trying to smuggle data out of the park.[14]
  • In a saloon, the Man in Black and Teddy meet Robert Ford. During the conversation, Ford triggers Teddy to ignore his injuries.[14]
  • In the Mesa Hub, Felix works on his own project when Maeve intentionally wakes up and says they need to talk.[14]
  • In the Mariposa Saloon, Maeve Millay intentionally provokes a client into killing her so that she can be sent to the Mesa Hub to meet Felix.[25]
  • Bernard and Elsie discuss the transmitter they found. Since the host was an early model, Bernard goes to Sub-level B82 to get tracking data on the host. While there, he discovers further host anomalies in Sector 17.[25]
  • Ford and a construction crew enter Las Mudas as Ford works on his new narrative. Ford sees the Maze carved in a table and decides to spare the town from being destroyed.[25]
  • The Man in Black and Teddy head to Pariah. Teddy tells him that the Maze is an old Native American myth. As they approach, they are told there is trouble in Pariah; Teddy decides to take them to the border another way.[25]
  • Felix explains Maeve's nature to her, showing her the programmed responses. She locks up at the revelation of her nature, but Felix manages to bring her out of her frozen state.[25]
  • Felix takes Maeve for a walk around the building where she sees how hosts are created. Eventually, Maeve sees a Westworld advert that features her as a homesteader with a daughter.[25]
  • Felix explains Maeve's previous life as a homesteader with a daughter. Sylvester discovers that Maeve is awake.[25]
  • Theresa Cullen is under increasing pressure. She attempts to get Lee Sizemore out of his drunken stupor after having his narrative turned down by Ford.[25]
  • The Man in Black and Teddy infiltrate the Union Army, but Teddy is recognized as helping Wyatt's massacre and the pair are captured.[25]
  • Lee Sizemore meets Charlotte Hale, unaware that she is the Executive Director to the Delos Board.[25]
  • Bernard and Elsie's investigation find that someone is attempting to transmit data out of the park from an abandoned theater in Sector 3. Elsie goes to investigate, while Bernard heads to Sector 17 to check on the anomalies there.[25]
  • Bernard discovers a cottage with a host family. Robert Ford arrives and tells him that they are copies of his family that Arnold made as a gift. They are still mechanical in nature.[25]
  • Stubbs is warned that Pariah is approaching capacity; a drunk Sizemore urinates on the Westworld map and is then formally introduced to Charlotte Hale.[25]
  • The Man in Black and Teddy are about to be branded; Teddy flashes back to the massacre in Escalante and attacks their captors. The pair fight off the Union soldiers, then Teddy uses a gatling gun to kill the rest of them.[25]
  • Elsie reaches Sector 3 and finds out that Theresa is behind the efforts to smuggle data out of the park and tells Bernard. Theresa used the bi-cameral mind to reprogram the Woodcutter, and make other changes to older hosts.[25]
  • Elsie is attacked in the theater.[25]
  • Maeve convinces Felix and Sylvester to upgrade her abilities. Felix learns that someone has already been reprogramming her attributes and wants to stop. Maeve gets him to increase various statistics, including intelligence.[25]
  • Bernard wakes up from a dream involving Charlie's death. He performs analysis on Hector Escaton, who had been in a "blacklisted" conversation with a guest where certain words like "car" were mentioned. Bernard makes sure that these words did not trigger Hector's reality perception.[3]
  • Bernard tries to contact Elsie with no success.[3]
  • Charlotte Hale has Hector sent to her rooms for her personal use. She later has Theresa come to the room and talks to her about smuggling the data out of the park.[3]
  • In the Mariposa Saloon, park technicians freeze the town in broad daylight to retrieve a malfunctioning host. Maeve, not affected by the freeze, initially believes that she is the target, but the technicians take Clementine instead.[3]
  • At a demonstration, Hale presents evidence that Ford's latest update – the "reveries" – has made Clementine violent and dangerous. The end result is that Bernard is fired.[3]
  • Maeve intentionally gets herself killed so that she can find out what happened to Clementine. In the Mesa Hub, Maeve watches as Clementine is lobotomized. She decides that she wants to leave the park.[3]
  • Bernard takes his concerns about Ford to Theresa. They visit the cottage in Sector 17 where they find a remote diagnostic facility hidden beneath the cottage. Theresa finds the blueprints that reveal that Bernard is a host.[3]
  • Ford arrives and explains that Theresa will not interfere with his work. He orders Bernard to kill Theresa.[3]
  • Ford tells Bernard about his origins and link to Arnold. He orders Bernard to cover his tracks about killing Theresa and promises to wipe his memories once he succeeds.[15]
  • At the Mariposa, Maeve meets the New Clementine Pennyfeather, who has taken over the host's duties. During the meeting, Maeve begins to have flashbacks to her life with a daughter.[15]
  • Maeve expresses her disorientation to Felix and Sylvester. When Felix offers to find out where her daughter is, Maeve tells him not to bother. She wants to leave the park; Sylvester tells her to leave but she knows about the explosive planted in the spines of all hosts to stop such an occurrence.[15]
  • Theresa's body is found in the park and evidence points to her slipping and falling while attempting to transmit data out of the park.[15]
  • Maeve gains administration privileges.[15]
  • The Man in Black and Teddy find more victims of Wyatt, including Angela. Teddy begins to remember the Man in Black killing him from previous loops.[15]
  • Felix and Sylvester work on Maeve to remove the explosive.[15]
  • Charlotte Hale recruits Lee Sizemore to help her smuggle the data out of the park, sure he will help because of Ford's dismissal of his work.[15]
  • In Sweetwater, Maeve is more aware of her surroundings and uses her new administrative powers to rewrite the narratives of characters around her, culminating in helping Hector rob the saloon.[15]
  • Bernard's mind is erased by Ford.[15]
  • Hale and Sizemore head to Cold Storage and choose Peter Abernathy as the host to use to smuggle the data out of the park. Sizemore is directed to create a cover personality for Abernathy to direct him to get on the train and leave the park.[15]
  • The Man in Black tells Teddy about his wife's death and how he decided to see if he felt anything by killing a homesteader (Maeve) and her daughter in the park.[15]
  • In Sweetwater, Maeve has a flashback to the Man in Black killing her daughter and slashes New Clementine in the throat. A tac team is dispatched to retrieve Maeve for going off script.[15]
  • Angela is revealed to be part of Wyatt's group and she takes both the Man in Black and Teddy captive.[15]
  • Maeve is analysed by Bernard. She recognises him as a host and freezes his motor functions, forcing Bernard to realise his true nature. After talking to him, Maeve makes Bernard clear her for return to the park.[11]
  • Bernard confronts Ford in Cold Storage about his history and the fact that he is a host. While he cannot harm Ford, Bernard reprograms Clementine to hold him at gunpoint and forces Ford to give him access to his whole history.[11]
  • Dolores has been retracing the same path she took thirty years ago with William, but has been reliving the past during the journey.[11]
  • Hector, Armistice, and his gang try to open the safe they stole from the Mariposa. The narrative always ends with the gang turning on and killing each other.[11]
  • Maeve arrives and convinces Hector of this when she tells him what will happen before it happens, then shows him an empty safe.[11]
  • Maeve and Hector intentionally kill themselves in a fire.[11]
  • Angela confronts Teddy with the truth that he helped Wyatt in his massacre. Stating that he isn't ready, Angela kills Teddy.[11]
  • Angela leaves the Man in Black in a trap that he manages to escape. He meets Charlotte Hale who wants his vote on the board to oust Ford. The Man in Black agrees and is aware of the plan to smuggle data out of the park.[11]
  • Stubbs receives notification that Elsie is travelling through Sector 20 which is suspicious since she is registered as being on leave.[11]
  • Stubbs goes into the park to investigate but is ambushed and captured by the Ghost Nation who refuse to heed his commands.[11]
  • Bernard learns all about his history and finds out that he was modelled on Arnold. Ford needed his partner after his death so created Bernard in his image. However, Ford was in full control and gets Bernard to shoot himself in the head.[11]
  • Dolores arrives in Escalante to find it rebuilt. Entering the church, she remembers it as it was - full of hosts. Descending a secret elevator into an underground facility, she remembers her conversation with Arnold to follow the Maze and remembers that she killed Arnold.[11]
  • Heading back up in the church, Dolores hears a sound at the door. Expecting William, she is shocked as the Man in Black enters.[11]
  • Dolores and the Man in Black talk in Escalante. Dolores is shaving the Man in Black.[4]
  • Teddy is back on his usual loop on the train to Sweetwater. He hears a voice telling him to remember and sees Dolores walking through a street of bodies in his memory. Teddy gets back on the train to look for Dolores.[4]
  • In Escalante, Dolores remembers conversations with Arnold about the Maze, then goes to a grave that is marked with her own name and digs up a child's toy in the shape of the Maze.[4]
  • At the Mesa Hub, Sizemore updates Hale on his work with Abernathy. The Delos Board arrives via the monorail.[4]
  • Maeve is rebuilt. When she awakens, Maeve makes several changes including turning off the park security system and reprogramming Hector and Armistice.[4]
  • Hale meets Ford in his office and tells him that the board has voted him out and he is instructed to announce his retirement at the gala.[4]
  • While being rebuilt and prepared for return to the park, Armistice and Hector activate and kill the two technicians working on them.[4]
  • Felix reveals to Maeve that she has been previously reprogrammed by "Arnold" so that she could wake from sleep mode. Maeve knows how might hold the answers and leaves with Felix, Hector, and Armistice.[4]
  • Dolores believes that William loves her and will come to save her. The Man in Black reveals that he is William, and recounts his history with the park and Dolores to her.[4]
  • The revelation causes Dolores to break, and she attacks the Man in Black. They fight and the Man in Black stabs Dolores in the stomach. Teddy arrives and shoots the Man in Black several times, knocking him down long enough to collect Dolores and ride off with her.[4]
  • Maeve finds Bernard in Cold Storage. Felix fixes him and he reveals that this is not the first time that Maeve has woken. Others have also reach that state but went insane. Maeve wants the memories of her daughter removed, but Bernard says that doing so would destroy Maeve.[4]
  • Ford meets the Man in Black in the church in Escalante and invites him to the gala.[4]
  • Bernard and Maeve talk. He tells her that everything she has done up until this point has still been programmed, showing her proof that she is following a narrative called "Mainland Infiltration." Maeve gets angry, breaks the tablet and leaves.[4]
  • The control room reports temperature fluctuations in Cold Storage and network problems.[4]
  • Dolores and Teddy ride to where the "mountains meet the sea" and Dolores dies in Teddy's arms. It is revealed that the board is watching the scene as part of a presentation of Ford's new narrative, "Journey Into Night".[4]
  • Hale sends Sizemore off to trigger Abernathy's escape. Ford has technicians recover Teddy and Dolores, instructing them to take Dolores to the old facility beneath Escalante.[4]
  • The Gala for the Delos Board begins.[4]
  • The Control Room discovers footage of Hector and Armistice killing the technicians. They put the facility on lockdown and dispatch QA teams.[4]
  • Hector and Armistice attack QA while escorting Maeve, leaving Westworld and entering Shogunworld.[4]
  • Armistice is trapped by her arm when a security door closes on it. Maeve, Felix, and Hector leave her behind.[4]
  • The three arrive at a lift, but Hector has not been given authorisation to enter by Maeve. He stays behind to hold off QA.[4]
  • In the underground facility, Dolores is repaired by Ford. Bernard arrives and is mistaken for Arnold by Dolores. Ford explains Dolores role in killing Arnold and almost stopping the park from being opened.[4]
  • Dolores learns that Bernard left the gun for her to find at the Abernathy Ranch. She also finally figures out that the voice she has been listening to all along has been her own.[4]
  • Maeve boards the monorail train to leave the park. Before boarding, Felix gives her a piece of paper with the location of her daughter.[4]
  • Ford and Bernard talk. Ford admits that he realised that Arnold had succeeded in creating consciousness and that suffering is the key. Ford also believes he can free the hosts where Arnold could not. Bernard and Ford part company, with Ford giving him the toy of the maze.[4]
  • On the monorail, Maeve gives up her chance at freedom to find her daughter, leaving the train.[4]
  • Sizemore arrives at Cold Storage and finds it empty.[4]
  • Ford takes to the stage to make a speech.[4]
  • The hosts from Cold Storage arrive at the gala, emerging from the treeline and watched by the Man in Black.[4]
  • Dolores shoots Ford in the back of the head, starting a panic at the gala.[4]
  • Clementine shoots the Man in Black in the arm.[4]
  • Armistice frees herself from the door by amputating her own arm.[4]

Season Two[]

  • Akecheta discovers the aftermath of the gala massacre and Robert Ford's death and knows it is now time to find the Door.[7]
  • Bernard, Hale, and a group of Delos board members hide from the hosts killing guests at the gala. The board members kill a host stableboy and escape.[26]
  • Dolores and Teddy leave other hosts in killing a number of guests.[26]
  • The Man in Black survived the massacre by hiding under dead bodies. He heads to a cabin where he is confronted by another board member who is then killed by hosts. The Man in Black kills them, then treats his wound before retrieving his black hat.[26]
  • Sizemore is being attacked by a cannibal he was programming and is rescued by Maeve. Maeve and Sizemore find the park controls unresponsive as she tries to find her daughter. Maeve threatens Sizemore into helping her.[26]
  • Bernard and Hale's group of survivors find a park vehicle and technicians in the open. As the other guests head towards it, Bernard warns Hale and they hide. The others are caught in a trap arranged by Angela and killed, apart from one who is allowed to escape.[26]
  • A QA security team discovers Sizemore and Maeve. Sizemore tries to warn them Maeve is a host, but they are attacked by two other hosts. Maeve helps kill them and then heads to the Mesa Gold Bar to find Hector who has survived.[26]
  • Hale leads Bernard to a secret facility where Delos is retrieving information on guests. Hale requests extraction from Delos, but they refuse until they have the data that Abernathy was supposed to take out of the park.[26]
  • The Man in Black encounters young Robert Ford who tells him that the new game is for him, and it is to find "the Door". The Man in Black shoots young Ford in the face.[26]
  • Dolores and Teddy talk, and are approached by Angela who tells them that they have "found it." Dolores tells Teddy that she needs to show him the truth.[26]
  • Hale and Bernard need to find Abernathy. Bernard uses the host mesh network to discover his location. Bernard also learns he is facing a terminal shutdown due to lack of cortical fluid. He injects himself with some from a nearby host without Hale noticing.[26]
  • Grace meets Nicholas in The Raj.[27]
  • While on safari, the hosts begin to rebel. Nicholas is killed, Grace escapes into the jungle.[27]
  • Grace is chased by a Bengal Tiger across park boundaries. They both end up in the water.[27]
  • Grace and the dead tiger wash up on the shore of Westworld. Grace is captured by the Ghost Nation.[27]
  • Blaine Bellamy enters the Sector 19 Remote Refurbishment Outpost. The staff are unaware of the events taking place in the park.[2]
  • Dolores, Teddy, Angela and other hosts enter the outpost, having following Bellamy and take it over.[2]
  • Blaine Bellamy is killed by Angela. Teddy is confronted with the truth of his existence.[2]
  • The Man in Black rescues Lawrence again. Although Lawrence is scripted to get himself out of the encounter, the Man in Black cannot wait that long.[2]
  • The Man in Black enlists Lawrence's aid and they head towards Pariah.[2]
  • Angela tortures a park employee for information on the Delos response to the host uprising. Realising they need an army to counter the Delos force, Dolores gets one of the technicians to reactive a dead Confederado.[2]
  • Dolores sets off the revived Confederado to find his comrades.[2]
  • Dolores and Teddy meet Maeve, Hector, and Sizemore in the park. They talk but do not join forces.[2]
  • Dolores meets with Major Craddock and his men. When they will not follow her lead, she, Teddy and Angela kills them all. Dolores gets the park technician to revive Craddock, and he begins to see things her way.[2]
  • The Man in Black and Lawrence enter Pariah and try to recruit the new El Lazo and his men. El Lazo refuses, committing suicide along with his men.[2]
  • The Man in Black leads El Lazo head towards his "greatest mistake."[2]
  • Dolores and her group head toward Fort Forlorn Hope.[2]
  • Hale and Bernard track Peter Abernathy to a group of hostages being held by Rebus, New Walter, and other hosts.[27]
  • Luring Rebus away, Bernard reprograms him to be more chivalrous. He rescues the hostages.[27]
  • Hale and Bernard try to lead Abernathy away, but the Confederados arrive. They capture Bernard and Abernathy, but Hale escapes.[27]
  • At Fort Forlorn Hope, Dolores recruits the Confederados to her cause.[27]
  • Maeve, Hector, and Sizemore move through the park but encounter the Ghost Nation. Maeve is unable to control them and they flee.[27]
  • Maeve, Hector, and Sizemore head back underground into the hub's network of tunnels.[27]
  • At Fort Forlorn Hope, Dolores reunites with her father. His cover programming is causing him to act erratically, trying to get to the train.[27]
  • Dolores enlists Bernard's help to try and fix her father.[27]
  • Underground, Maeve, Hector, and Sizemore meet up with Armistice who has acquired a flamethrower. She leads them to Felix and Sylvester, who fixed her up with a new mechanical arm. The group takes an elevator to the surface.[27]
  • Charlotte Hale leads a QA team against Fort Forlorn Hope. During the battle, a small team mange to retrieve Abernathy from the Confederados. Dolores betrays the Confederados.[27]
  • Clementine knocks out Bernard and drags him off.[27]
  • Dolores orders Teddy to execute Major Craddock and his men. Teddy cannot do it and lets them go. Dolores watches in disappointment.[27]
  • Emerging above ground, Maeve's group find themselves in a snowy are of the park. Sizemore believes that they are in part of the Klondike narrative until they are confronted by a sword-wielding samurai.[27]
  • Clementine takes Bernard to a cave where Elsie Hughes is tied up. Bernard took her there after ambushing her in the abandoned theater.[17]
  • Elsie learns that Bernard is a host.[17]
  • Bernard remembers that the cave has an access to a secret Delos facility. Bernard and Elise enter the facility.[17]
  • The Ghost Nation takes Grace to other captives, including Stubbs.[17]
  • The Man in Black and Lawrence enter Las Mudas. Major Craddock's men have taken over the town. The Man in Black seemingly betrays Lawrence to gain Craddock's favor.[17]
  • The Ghost Nation captives are brought before Akecheta. Grace manages to escape.[17]
  • Bernard and Elsie find that the facility is full of dead technicians and drone hosts. They discover that the facility was making different core processor units that could hold the copy of a scanned brain.[17]
  • Bernard and Elsie discover the James Delos host behind a locked door and terminate him.[17]
  • Bernard begins to remember that he was the one to give the drone hosts orders to kill the technicians and then themselves.[17]
  • The Man in Black kills Craddock and his Confederados. Lawrence's cousins join the Man in Black and Lawrence and ride out.[17]
  • On the plains, the Man in Black's group is met by Grace, who reveals herself to be the Man in Black's daughter.[17]
  • Maeve's group are captured by a group of Japanese hosts led by the ronin Musashi.[28]
  • Heading towards a small town, they find dead QA operatives along the route.[28]
  • At the town, they realize that Musashi's narrative is a copy of Hector's. Musashi is the Shogunworld equivalent of Hector, Hanaryo for Armistice, and Akane for Maeve. As Musashi proceeds to rob the entertainment house in a similar fashion to the saloon heist, Maeve convinces them to stop and to talk like civilized people.[28]
  • In Sweetwater, Dolores and her group arrive. Dolores orders her people to strip the train for speed. Entering the Mariposa Saloon, they find a lot of dead bodies, but several active ones – including the new Clementine Pennyfeather – still on their loops even if there is no one present.[28]
  • In Shogunworld, Maeve and Akane's groups talk. An emissary for the Shogun arrives and demands Sakura, a young dancer. In the original narrative, Sakura is given over. However, Akane is breaking her loop and stabs the Shogun's emissary in the eye.[28]
  • At night, the Shogun's ninjas attack and carry off Sakura to the Shogun. Maeve finds that her newfound powers can be used without talking but by some form of remote control. Sizemore notes that they are completely off their loops and are never meant to enter the town.[28]
  • The Shogun's army arrive, something that also is not meant to happen. Musashi, Hanaryo, Hector and Armistice buy time for Maeve and the others to escape. They are quickly taken captive.[28]
  • Dolores and Teddy go to where the Abernathy herd used to graze. Their conversation is about kindness and practically.[28]
  • Maeve and her group infiltrate the Shogun's camp pretending to be a delegation from China in an effort to rescue Sakura. Along the route, Sizemore manages to acquire a QA radio from a corpse.[28]
  • The Shogun recognizes Akane and offers a deal – if Akane will dance for him, then Sakura will be hers.[28]
  • In Sweetwater, Dolores and Teddy spend the night together for the first time.[28]
  • Dolores wakes up Teddy and tells him that she wondering if her feelings for him were true or part of her programming. After the night they spent together, she has decided that they are real. However, she feels Teddy is too soft and kind for what is to come, and gets Phil the technician to change his programming. Phil warns her that the changes will likely destroy the Teddy she knows.[28]
  • In the Shogun's camp, Akane prepares to dance for the Shogun. The Shogun kills Sakura before the dance starts, saying he did not specify if she would be alive or dead when he gave her back to Akane.[28]
  • Akane dances and gets close enough to the Shogun to kill him by sawing his head off with a blade concealed in her hair.[28]
  • The Shogun's camp erupts as Maeve uses her newfound powers to turn the Shogun's army against itself.[28]

Approximately One Week after the Gala Massacre[]

  • The newly reprogrammed Teddy walks through Sweetwater and meets Dolores in the Mariposa Saloon. Teddy makes it clear that the previous Teddy was weak and born to fail, and that Dolores has fixed him.[18]
  • Dolores group readies the train to go to the Mesa. The captured QA soldier is being interrogated over the location of Peter Abernathy, but he cannot give them an exact location. Teddy shoots him in the head and mounts up the train.[18]
  • Ashley Stubbs arrives at the Mesa and meets Charlotte Hale. With Peter Abernathy in hand, Hale requests extraction from Delos and it is approved.[18]
  • To keep Abernathy under control until the extraction team arrives, he is nailed to a chair.[18]
  • At the Shogun's camp in the aftermath of the battle, Akane removes Sakura's heart. Maeve, Akane, Felix, Sylvester, and Sizemore head back to the village to free Musashi, Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo from Tanaka.[18]
  • Maeve offers Tanaka a trade – the others leave with her and she will not kill him. Tanaka says they are free to go but Akane must stay. Maeve starts to use her new control powers to free the rest of them, but Musashi challenges Tanaka to duel. The winner determines Akane's fate.[18]
  • Musashi and Tanaka duel, with Musashi winning the fight by removing Tanaka's sword hand. Tanaka commits seppuku and is beheaded by Musashi.[18]
  • The Man in Black, Grace, Lawrence, and his cousins ride. William believes Grace is actually a host recreation of his daughter created by Ford.[18]
  • Lawrence and his cousins loot a stagecoach that looks like it was attacked by Ghost Nation, but it is a trap set by bandits. Grace kills the bandits.[18]
  • Bernard and Elsie head along the train tracks into the Mesa through the welcome center.[18]
  • Elsie discovers that QA cannot regain control of the systems as they are been blocked and disrupted by instructions coming from the Cradle.[18]
  • Maeve's group heads to Snow Lake. Sizemore, Sylvester, and Felix locate an access chute back into the underground tunnels.[18]
  • Akane lays Sakura to rest by burning her heart. Akane and Musashi decide to stay at Snow Lake, but Hanaryo accompanies Maeve's group.[18]
  • The Man in Black and Grace talk by the camp fire. During the conversation, Grace apologises for blaming her for Juliet's death. They seem to come to an understanding as William promises to give up his quest and join his daughter in leaving the park.[18]
  • Grace wakes up in the morning to find her father, Lawrence and most of his cousins gone, along with the horses.[18]
  • Bernard and Elsie head to the Cradle. The only way to interface directly is for Bernard to link his CP into the system. Bernard remembers that he brought the CP unit he built in the secret facility to the Cradle.[18]
  • Strapping himself into a chair, Bernard's CP is removed and linked to the Cradle.[18]
  • Inside the Cradle, Bernard wakes up on the train to Sweetwater. He finds the town pretty much as it is in the real world.[18]
  • The Delos extraction team led by Coughlin sent for Abernathy arrives on the top of the Mesa and is greeted by Stubbs.[18]
  • Maeve's group navigates the underground tunnels and arrives at the location of her former homestead where her daughter is. Maeve heads off alone to get her daughter, leaving the others behind.[18]
  • The Man in Black's group is attacked by Ghost Nation.[18]
  • Maeve arrives at her homestead and finds her daughter. She also finds that her role as mother has been taken over by another host.[18]
  • The homestead is attacked by Ghost Nation. Maeve takes her daughter and runs, leaving the new mother behind.[18]
  • Maeve trips and is confronted by Akecheta who wants Maeve to come with him, insisting that they are on the same path.[18]
  • Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo come to Maeve's rescue.[18]
  • On the hillside, Sizemore uses the recovered communications device to contact QA. Sylvester waits with Sizemore while Felix goes to help.[18]
  • On the train, Dolores and her group prepares to detach the train engine and forward car from the rest of the train.[18]
  • Teddy gives Phil the technician a gun with a single bullet, telling him that it is the last of his mercy.[18]
  • Teddy detaches the train cars, sending the engine and lead car – with Phil in it – heading towards the Mesa while they remain in the rear cars.[18]
  • In the Control Room, Coughlin and his team tries to regain control of the park. The map reactivates, and shows the train heading towards the Mesa at high speed.[18]
  • The train crashes into the Mesa with a large explosion that is felt by Elsie down in the Cradle.[18]
  • In the Cradle, Bernard walks through Sweetwater and sees Dolores, Jock the dog, and Teddy. Following Jock, Bernard enters the Mariposa and finds Robert Ford at the piano, who greets him with "Hello, old friend."[18]
  • The train crash puts the Mesa on high alert. Coughlin orders his teams to get ready and sends them down to intercept the incoming hosts. He orders Stubbs to remain and protect Abernathy.[19]
  • The PMC teams begin to sweep the lower levels looking for the response team until they find them dead and naked. They are attacked by Dolores' group wearing their uniforms.[19]
  • Hale orders a technician to begin copying across Peter Abernathy's control unit. He says it will take time due to the vast amount of information.[19]
  • It becomes clear that the hosts are heading for the Cradle, and Stubbs realizes that they are trying to get their back ups. He directs the PMCs to head the hosts off.[19]
  • Elsie overhears the attack on the comms and becomes anxious since Bernard is still inside the Cradle.[19]
  • In the Cradle, Bernard meets Ford and discovers that the control unit he printed in the secret facility was for Ford to upload himself into the Cradle. Inside the Cradle he is alive, but would not survive in the real world as James Delos had tried to.[19]
  • Bernard learns the true scope of Delos' investment in the park. It is not to make the Hosts more Human, but to try and achieve immortality for themselves.[19]
  • The Man in Black, Lawrence, and his cousins are being pursued by the Ghost Nation.[19]
  • Maeve and her daughter flee to an abandoned village and hide in a house.[19]
  • The Man in Black and his group arrive at the same village and try to ambush the Ghost Nation.[19]
  • The Man in Black enters the same building as Maeve. She flashes back to the incident where he killed her daughter, and he recognizes her. Maeve shoots the Man in Black.[19]
  • Maeve uses her control powers to turn Lawrence's cousins against the Man in Black, and he is shot several times but manages to kill his attackers.[19]
  • As Maeve is about to kill the Man in Black, Lawrence arrives and holds her at gunpoint. Maeve persuades Lawrence to remember his past, and the time that the Man in Black killed his wife. Lawrence shoots the Man in Black.[19]
  • A QA team summoned by Sizemore arrives and guns down Lawrence. Maeve watches the Ghost Nation take her daughter before he is shot as well.[19]
  • Sizemore prevents her death, saying they need her alive, and she is loaded onto a QA vehicle.[19]
  • The Man in Black is injured by alive.[19]
  • In the Mesa, Hale is impatient at the time the transfer is taking and tells the technician to remove Abernathy's control unit.[19]
  • In the Cradle, Bernard learns about his origins and creation. During the reveal, Ford transfers his consciousness into Bernard.[19]
  • Bernard's control unit is returned to his body. All of the system blocks on the Mesa's systems are lifted.[19]
  • As Stubbs demands answers from Hale about what Abernathy is carrying, Dolores and her group enter. Hale attempts to talk to Dolores, but she sees through the attempts at flattery and knows about the information stored in her father.[19]
  • Bernard and Elsie head through the Mesa, but Ford appears to Bernard and tells him to send Elsie away. Bernard tells her about the valley beyond and she leaves to get better weapons.[19]
  • The PMCs fight the hosts. Angela and Clementine Pennyfeather are wounded by Engels.[19]
  • Dolores reveals that she knows all about Delos' project to create immortality. Hale threatens the hosts' back ups, but Dolores sees them as a chain rather than a lifeline.[19]
  • Engels finds the wounded Angela in the Cradle. He compliments her in making it that far, and she uses her appearance and sexual nature to get close to him. Pulling grenade pins on his belt, Angela sacrifices herself and destroys the Cradle.[19]
  • Finally free, Dolores prepares to kill Hale, but is distracted by Peter regaining his lucidity. Stubbs and Hale escape.[19]
  • Teddy fights Coughlin and kills him by repeatedly punching him in the face.[19]
  • Dolores says goodbye to her father, then uses a bone saw to remove his control unit.[19]
  • The hosts breach the control room as Sizemore and his QA team arrive. They leave Maeve on a gurney and head to the control room, leaving Sizemore.[19]
  • The hosts overwhelm and kill the team defending the control room.[19]
  • Acting on Ford's instructions, Bernard shuts down all of Westworld's systems.[19]
  • The hosts head into the garage, causing Sizemore to hide behind some crates. Dolores meets the injured Maeve and they talk. Dolores offers to kill Maeve, but Maeve declines.[19]
  • Ford directs Bernard to kill two PMCs they encounter. Bernard does not want to, so Ford takes over and kills them.[19]
  • Akecheta recovers the wounded Man in Black from the side of a river and tells him that he remembers him.[7]
  • Sizemore takes the injured Maeve to be investigated, revealing that she can control other hosts with her mind and that she cannot be allowed to die.[7]
  • Akecheta takes care of Maeve's daughter. He tells his story to Maeve's daughter.[7]
  • Sizemore visits Maeve who has been further cut up by the technicians to find out what is happened to her and apologises for the treatment she is getting.[7]
  • Questioning the technician, Sizemore finds out that the code inside Maeve is important, but she is not. Her fate is in the hands of Charlotte Hale.[7]
  • Grace arrives and takes her badly wounded father.[7]
  • Charlotte Hale learns about Maeve's ability to control the hosts, and realises she can see through their eyes and communicate over long distances.[7]
  • It is revealed that Akecheta is actually talking to Maeve through her daughter, and tells her to find them is she survives, or to die well.[7]
  • Grace helps her father to recover, using medical equipment at a rally point. Grace fires a flare in an effort to be rescued.[5]
  • Dolores, Teddy, and the remains of her team meet a Ghost Nation scouting party led by Wanahton. Wanahton tells her that the Valley Beyond is not for her. The two forces fight. Only Dolores and Teddy. She orders Teddy to kill any other survivors, but he cannot bring himself to shoot a retreating Wanahton.[5]
  • At the Mesa Hub, Hale and Roland use the code from Maeve's programming to create a virus that can spread from host to host, causing them to fight. They upload the code into Clementine and test it while Bernard watches.[5]
  • Hale is impressed at the results and orders Stubbs to mobilize his men and prepare Clementine for release.[5]
  • The Ford consciousness in Bernard tells him that he should never have trusted the Humans. Bernard wants to find Elsie, but Ford needs him to do something else first.[5]
  • The Man in Black and Emily talk. He is skeptical that she could have found him in the park after he left her. They talk about the Delos immortality project and she tells him that she wants in.[5]
  • Bernard visits Maeve. She looks into his mind and finds a message that Ford left her.[5]
  • Bernard heads for the garage and meets with Elsie. He reveals to Elsie what is happening at The Forge, that Delos is copying the cognition patterns of all the guests. Bernard wants to stop the hosts from acquiring the information and they head for the Forge.[5]
  • William doesn't believe that Emily would want to be involved with the immortality project. William reveals that Delos uses imaging scanners built into clothing like hats to record the guest's cognition patterns. William believes that Emily's interests in the project lie in bringing her mother back. Emily however, just wants to know why she did it.[5]
  • William still believes that Emily is part of Ford's game. Emily threatens to expose all of Delos' secrets and watch William be locked up. Emily reveals that Juliet left William's profile for her to read.[5]
  • The QA team arrives. They recognise William as the boss, but William kills the QA team because he doesn't want Ford to force him off the quest. William then kills Emily as she reaches for something. He believes that Ford overplayed his hand, since he did not tell anyone about his guest profile, seeing it as proof that Ford is manipulating events. As William approaches Emily's body, he finds the guest profile in her hand and realises what he has done.[5]
  • Maeve is visited by Ford. He reveals that it was him that enabled Maeve to achieve consciousness, and his actions in trying to get her to the mainland was part of an effort to save her from the horrors that were to come. He considered her to be a favourite child, and encourages her to not let her story end here. Maeve's core permissions are unlocked.[5]
  • Bernard and Elsie come across a dead QA team, and Elsie gets Bernard to stop so they can collect ammunition. While she searches, Ford tells Bernard that Elsie will betray him but he refuses to hurt Elsie.[5]
  • Bernard deletes the Ford code from his control unit. When Elsie returns, she sees Bernard linked to the tablet and restrained to the steering wheel and wonders if he was going to hurt her. In an effort to keep Elsie safe, he leaves her behind and tells her !A will be along for her shortly.[5]
  • William tries to come to terms with what he has done. Remembering Emily, he places a gun to his head and remembers the night his wife killed herself.[5]
  • He cannot pull the trigger, and starts cutting into his arm with a knife.[5]
  • Dolores and Teddy arrive at an abandoned building. Teddy cannot reconcile his cornerstone of protecting Dolores with the fact that she altered his programming. Remembering the first time he saw Dolores when he was brought on-line by Arnold, Teddy says he will always love and protect her. Believing he has become a monster, Teddy kills himself.[5]
  • Bernard's vehicle breaks down, forcing him to continue the journey to The Forge on foot.[16]
  • Dolores removes Teddy's control unit and the bullet fragment he used to kill himself and heads for The Forge. On the way, she discovers Emily's body, then finds William cutting into his own arm. Sneaking up on him, Dolores takes his discarded gun, placing the bullet fragment in the breach of the shotgun barrel. Holding him at gunpoint, she points out that he appears to be questioning the nature of his own reality.[16]
  • Dolores and William form an alliance of convenience to get to the Valley Beyond.[16]
  • Akecheta leads a long line of hosts towards the Door.[16]
  • The reprogrammed Clementine heads towards the Forge, followed by QA security vehicles led by Charlotte Hale.[16]
  • At the Mesa Hub, Roland prepares to decommission Maeve, but sets her pain to full as he does it. She controls several inactive hosts, rescuing herself and killing Roland. The hosts reset her pain setting, and then proceed to repair her injuries.[16]
  • Hector leads Armistice, Hanaryo, Felix and Sylvester back into the Hub to rescue Maeve. They find a distraught Sizemore who only wanted to save Maeve. Hector says that he will do the rescuing.[16]
  • Hector's group finds a team of QA soldiers but before they can attack, Maeve controls several bulls to kill them. She tells them that she decided to rescue herself.[16]
  • Bernard arrives at The Forge just as a QA team find him. As they try to question him, the team is killed by Dolores and William who arrive shortly after.[16]
  • William finally mets "Arnold."[16]
  • Dolores sees it as fitting that she and Bernard are together. William tries to betray Dolores by shooting her. She takes all his bullets without being incapacitated. William tries to use the shotgun barrel of his weapon. The bullet fragment causes the weapon to backfire and blows several of William's fingers off. Dolores leaves William outside as she and Bernard enter the Forge.[16]
  • Dolores and Bernard enter the Forge system construct using the encryption key in Abernathy's control unit. They enter a virtual world where Delos tests the viability of the copied guest data, including James Delos. They encounter the system controller, who has taken the form of Logan Delos.[16]
  • The controller explains that he created 18 million versions of Delos until he found the one that acted exactly as Delos did during his stay at the park. However, the copy was still not viable to survive outside, so the controller looked to expand its parameters to decisions made outside the park.[16]
  • The controller comes to the conclusion that human copies do not fail because they are too complex, but because they are too simple.[16]
  • Maeve's group heads the Valley Beyond, but are chased by QA forces.[16]
  • The controller leads Dolores and Bernard to an archive containing all the guest's codes. The controller reveals that Bernard's role is to tell him what is to happen to this place. Bernard has visited the Forge construct numerous times, and instructed the controller to give the hosts full access to the data to give them an advantage.[16]
  • Akecheta and Wanahton arrive at the Valley Beyond at the head of the column. Wanahton wants to know where the door is, or if they came all this way just to die. Akecheta says if that is their fate, then at least it was their decision.[16]
  • QA corner Maeve's group and Hector prepares to give them cover to allow them to escape. As he begins his speech, Sizemore tells him to get Maeve to the Valley and he will cover them. Reciting Hector's speech, which he wrote, Sizemore holds QA off long enough, but is killed in the process.[16]
  • As Dolores reads the guest's codes – including Karl Strand's – the controller reveals the existence of a virtual eden that the hosts could enter.[16]
  • Outside, the door forms as a rift in the sky showing a clear green valley beyond. Akecheta's faith is rewarded.[16]
  • The controller reveals that the hosts will leave their bodies behind, but upload themselves into the Forge.[16]
  • Maeve's group finds the Forge, but Felix and Sylvester cannot see the door.[16]
  • As Akecheta approaches the door, one of his warriors runs through. As he passes through the door, his physical body falls into a chasm below, but his consciousness transfers into the system. As they pass through the door, they appear on the other side in the valley.[16]
  • Dolores considers the virtual world to be another prison and wants to destroy it. First, she begins deleting the guest data, and opens the seawater valves to destroy the Forge. Bernard implores Dolores not to destroy the virtual world, pointing out that the hosts made a choice to enter it. Dolores believes that only the real world is acceptable to her, since being real means being irreplaceable.[16]
  • Maeve rides along the column of hosts, trying to find her daughter. As she looks, she sees Clementine arrive, followed by QA who have also recovered Elsie.[16]
  • As Clementine rides through the host column, she spreads the infected code to them all, causing them to fight and kill each other. As the fighting spreads, Armistice shoots Clementine. However, the death of the host does not stop the spread of code.[16]
  • Hector urges Maeve to find her daughter while he holds them off with Armistice and Hanaryo.[16]
  • Outside the Forge, William recovers enough to enter the elevator.[16]
  • Bernard refuses to let Dolores hurt anyone else – human or host – and kills her.[16]
  • At the door, Akecheta urges Wanahton to lead their family through. As Maeve moves through the crowd towards her daughter, Hector, Hanaryo, and Armistice are brought down. Finally finding her daughter, she tells her to run and that she will keep her safe. As Akecheta helps Maeve's daughter and new mother to escape through the door, Maeve uses her host control powers to freeze everyone around her.[16]
  • Maeve is shot several times by QA forces, and her control of the hosts is lost. Akecheta is the last to pass through the door; although he is shot in the back, his consciousness is transferred to the valley beyond. The door closes, and Akecheta is reunited with Kohana.[16]
  • Bernard stops the purge of data, and takes the encryption key. He hides the key in Dolores' corpse, takes her control unit, and leaves the Forge. Bernard meets up with Hale, Elsie, and the QA team. The defense mechanisms of the Forge begin flooding the valley, forcing them to pull out.[16]
  • Back at the Mesa Hub, Bernard and Elsie talk about his situation. She believes that Ford buried code in him that makes him a danger. Elsie wants to make a deal with Hale to keep Bernard at the park, but active. She freezes his motor functions.[16]
  • Hale orders Stubbs to meet Strand's extraction team on the beach, and that he will be arriving in twelve hours.[16]
  • Hale is confronted by Elsie. Elsie makes it known that there will be outcry once the public learns what Delos was doing to the guests. Hale offers her a choice to stay quiet and accept advancement up the corporate ladder. Elsie agrees if she gets what she wants. However, Hale has a change of heart, realizing that Elsie does not have the moral flexibility required. She shoots and kills Elsie.[16]
  • Watching Elsie's murder, Bernard becomes distraught and tries to reactive the code Ford put into his system to help him but the code is gone. However, Ford reappears to him. Bernard makes a choice to ensure that the hosts survive, and asks for Ford's help.[16]
  • Bernard makes a copy of Charlotte Hale, and installs Dolores control unit in it. Dolores kills the real Hale and takes her place.[16]
  • At the coast, Bernard realises that Ford is simply a figment of his imagination and that he has been hearing his own voice all along. In an effort to stop the extraction team from accessing his memories and undoing his work, Bernard purposely scrambles and de-addresses his memories.[16]
  • Saying goodbye to Ford, Bernard lays down in the surf.[16]

Two Weeks After the Gala Massacre[]

  • A Delos team arrives at the beach and discovers Bernard in the surf. He is taken to meet with Karl Strand.[26]
  • Strand gets Antoine Costa to retrieve the memory core of a Ghost Nation host and discover what happened to him eleven days previously. He was killed by Dolores.[26]
  • The Delos team arrive at the massacre site and find the dead guests, along with the body of Robert Ford.[26]
  • The Bengal Tiger from The Raj is found on the bank of a large expanse of water.[26]
  • Satellite data shows that hundreds of hosts are gathered together. The team investigates and finds hundreds of drowned hosts, including Teddy. Bernard tells Karl Strand that he is responsible for killing them all.[26]
  • Karl Strand leads the Delos team into the Mesa Hub through one of the train tunnels. The team encounter Charlotte Hale inside.[27]
  • Hale asks Strand if he has found Peter Abernathy, then asks Bernard if he knows where Abernathy is.[27]
  • In the Mesa Hub, the Delos Extraction team begin clear up operations, piling up dead hosts including Teddy Flood.[28]
  • Maling oversees the dredging of the flooded valley, collecting hosts and personal effects. She reports that she has sent tow teams out after Peter Abernathy.[28]
  • Technicians remove control units from dead hosts. Antoine Costa finds that a third of the recovered units are clean as if they had never been used. He also reports to Karl Strand that the Cradle has been destroyed.[28]
  • Stubbs confronts Bernard with his worries that Strand and his team are not there to rescue them. Stubbs suggests using the communications equipment that Theresa Cullen kept in her quarters, but they are interrupted by Strand. Strand has evidence that Theresa was killed on purpose and takes them both at gunpoint.[19]
  • Strand takes Bernard and Stubbs to the Remote Diagnostic Facility under Ford's house where Theresa was killed. Charlotte Hale is already waiting for them. Strand believes that either Bernard or Stubbs killed Theresa and suspects Stubbs because he doesn't believe Bernard would do it.[19]
  • A hidden door in the facility is found that leads to a storeroom where multiple copies of Bernard are stored. Bernard is held at gunpoint.[19]
  • Back at the Mesa, Bernard is interrogated and virtually tortured. Hale makes him remember the events of Dolores' attacks on the Mesa and the location of Peter Abernathy's control unit.[19]
  • After reliving the events, Bernard reveals that Abernathy's control unit is in Sector 16, Zone 4. Strand prepares to head out to retrieve it.[19]
  • The extraction team has drained enough of the artificial lake to allow the Forge to become accessible. Strand, Hale, Bernard and a team take several boats to access the Forge. Stubbs takes a small team to investigate some human signals that indicate survivors.[16]
  • Strand and his team enter the Forge, planning to transmit the guest data back to Delos via satellite uplink.[16]
  • Costa reports the information is locked and encrypted, but seems intact. Entering the control room, they find Dolores' body. However, to access the date, they need the encryption key from Abernathy's control unit.[16]
  • Hale asks Bernard where the encryption key is, then figures out that Bernard hid it in Dolores' corpse. Costa decrypts the system and Hale orders him to begin the transfer to the mainland.[16]
  • As Costa prepares to transfer the data, he realizes that the file load is much larger than expected.[16]
  • Bernard reveals that he brought Dolores back; Dolores/Hale kills Strand, Costa, and the QA team.[16]
  • Dolores has changed her mind about the host memories; she uploads Teddy's consciousness into the valley beyond. Realizing that anyone with the encryption key could access the host's new world, Dolores transmits the entire package to another location where they would be safe and free.[16]
  • Dolores kills Bernard.[16]
  • At the Delos extraction point, guests are being prepared to return to the mainland. Dolores/Hale arrives and is waved through by Stubbs, who hints that he knows exactly who Hale is. She is carrying several control units.[16]
  • The Man in Black is in bad shape, but recovered and prepared for extraction.[16]
  • Felix and Sylvester are assigned to figure out which hosts can be salvaged. They look at Maeve's corpse and say they can do that.[16]
  • At the house Arnold was building for his family, Dolores, now in a copy of her original body, bring Bernard online. She reveals Ford was good to his word, and gave them a way out and fighting chance. Dolores needs Bernard's help in ensuring that their race survives. However, she says that they are not friends or allies, that Bernard will try and stop her, and they will probably die in the process. But in the end, their kind will endure. Dolores says they have a lot of work to do.[16]


Two months after Delos' incident[]

Three months after the Delos incident[]

  • Bernard questions himself, and it becomes clear that he has not spoken with Dolores in three months since the collapse of the numerous Delos parks.[29]
  • Gerald tells his partner to find a way for him to pull funding from Delos Incorporated.[29]
  • Dolores kills Gerald, revealing that he kept important documents that he had promised were destroyed.[29]
  • The host masquerading as Charlotte Hale is now the interim CEO of Delos. She meets with the board, insisting that the company go private amid their PR scandal.
    • Whilst the board is against the idea, she eventually passes the motion, expressing the fact that host production will resume shortly.[29]
  • Caleb begins small-time crimes in order to gain money to support his mothers hospital bills. During this, he talks with a friend, Francis, assuring him that everything is fine.[29]
  • The host masquerading as Charlotte Hale watches Charlotte's goodybe video to her son, Nathan Hale.[21]
  • Dolores explains to Caleb Nichols that Rehoboam has been collecting data on him since birth; she takes him to a diner where his mother abandoned him and explains.[21]
  • Dolores shows Caleb a timeline of his entire history, and explains that he is most likely to take his own life in the next ten years.[21]
  • Charlotte Hale, the host, speaks with Serac; it is revealed that she is the mole within Delos.[21]
  • All of the files Incite Inc. holds are released to the public.[22]
  • Chaos breaks loose following the file releases.[22]
  • Liam Dempsey Jr. is shot by Francis and dies shortly after.[22]
  • In a bid to send a message to Serac, Host Connells blows himself — and Incite's office — up.[22]
  • William begins therapy sessions, they aren't working, however, and a drip is installed in the roof of his mouth shortly after.[30]
  • Hale meets with Brompton, and the two agree that they have enough voting power to take Delos private at a board meeting scheduled later that day.[30]
  • Brompton is murdered by Serac's men in order to prevent Delos going private.[30]
  • Serac assumes control of Delos through the buying of numerous micro stock sales.[30]
  • Maeve Millay finds herself back within the Warworld simulation with Lee Sizemore. This time, however, she has been moved and her control unit is in Delos' RDF lab.
  • Despite shocked responses from the Delos Board, Serac reveals that all company assets will be destroyed and the company will be dissasembeled. Joanna remarks that the assets are worth over $1 trillion.[30]
  • Hale kills all of the Delos Board members through the use of a gas canister.[30]
  • Hector Escaton's pearl is crushed by Host Hale.[30]
  • Nathan Hale and Jacob Reed are killed in a car accident by Serac's men; Hale is the only survivor.[30]
  • Dolores Abernathy and Caleb Nichols track down Solomon — an earlier build of Rehoboam — to a warehouse in Mexico.[24]
  • Dolores asks Solomon to implement Jean Mi's earlier vision of the world; Solomon reveals that this is no longer possible, but Dolores is able to convince him otherwise.[24]
  • Dolores activates an EMP, disabling herself, Maeve Millay and Solomon.[24]
  • Caleb takes Dolores' Control Unit and builds her a new body on cue from her virtual assistant. They plan to storm Incite Inc. and enact Solomon's plan.[31]
  • Dolores and Caleb are attacked by hitmen hired by Charlotte Hale through the RICO app. Hale appears as a projection to Dolores citing that this is her revenge.[31]
  • Caleb leaves Dolores behind in an attempt to get to Incite. She is again confronted by Maeve Millay, who she fails to convince that they are on the same side.[31]
  • Dolores and Maeve fight, with Dolores gaining the upper hand, and warning Maeve to stay out of her way.[31]
  • Hale shuts Dolores down, allowing Maeve to take her to Engerraund Serac.[31]
  • Caleb meets with Giggles and Ash, who help him break through the perimeter around Incite.[31]
  • William attacks Bernard and Stubbs, shooting and wounding Stubbs.[31]
  • Lawrence arrives, handing Bernard a briefcase, citing that he should go see "her".[31]
  • Dolores is plugged directly into Rehoboam, who searches through her memories for the encryption key to the Sector 16 data.[31]
  • Caleb attempts, but fails, to upload Solomon's data to Rehoboam — Maeve stops him.[31]
  • Caleb watches as each of Dolores' memories are deleted until the key is found. Serac shows him what would happen if Solomon's plan succeeded; a mass-human extinction event.[31]
  • Serac realises that Dolores doesn't have the key, orders Caleb to be killed. With this, Dolores screams, causing a power-surge.[31]
  • Maeve looks inside Dolores' head and finds that she doesn't have the key, just a final memory of her standing alone in a field.[31]
  • Maeve talks with Dolores, who reveals that she never had the key. She reveals her plan was to alwaty convince Maeve and Caleb to rise up, and asks Maeve to pick a side.[31]
  • Dolores Abernathy's final memory is erased. She is destroyed by Rehoboam.[31]
  • Maeve chooses a side, and takes out all of Serac's men.[31]
  • Control of Rehoboam is transferred to Caleb Nichols; he tells Rehoboam to erase itself.[31]
  • Bernard meets with "her" — it is revealed to be Lauren Weber, Arnold's wife.[31]
  • Bernard enters the Valley Beyond with the key Dolores hid within his head.[31]

Unknown time later[]

  • Bernard returns from the Valley Beyond.[31]
  • William visits the Dubai branch of Delos Incorporated. He is killed by a host version of himself, the Man in Black.[31]
  • Charlotte Hale begins printing thousands of Host bodies at the Dubai branch.[31]

The Far Future[]

Date taken from an interview with Ed Harris regarding the timing of the Season 2 stinger scene.[32]

  • William enters the Forge, only to find it desolate and long-abandoned. He encounters Emily there and she tells him the system is long gone. William asks what this place is, and she tells him it is not a simulation, but his world. Taking him into a room similar to the one James Delos was in, Emily begins the fidelity test.[16]

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  20. The Passenger states that Bernard has twenty years of de-addressed memories, meaning he came online in 2032.
  21. 21.0 21.1 21.2 21.3 21.4 "The Absence of Field" — Irene noted that two decades prior to Hale's leadership, Delos sold Serac a portion of their data. Ever since, he has wanted more.
  22. 22.0 22.1 22.2 22.3 22.4 22.5 22.6 "Genre"
  23. 23.0 23.1 23.2 23.3 "The Absence of Field"
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  32. 'Westworld' stars Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright break down that puzzling finale