The Train Platform is a location in the series Westworld. It is where the train, the "Black Ridge Limited," stops in Sweetwater when it brings passengers, guests and at least one host (Teddy), into the park. There is no station building, only a platform where the train stops and passengers disembark.

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  • How to film from inside a train and get the scenery looking right:[1]

    Put it on the back of a truck and drive it down the road

    One of the first scenes shows Teddy Flood sitting inside a train, riding toward the park; through the windows, you can see the actual landscape roll by. Director of Photography Paul Cameron put the train car set on the back of a semi flatbed, then drove the whole thing along UT-128. “We drove the practical set up and down the highway,” Cameron says. “We did it for real.”
  • The Locomotive. None of the information below about the train has been verified. It's fascinating - but can't be taken as fact at the moment. Please let us know, or just add the references, if you can confirm things. Esp let us know if you can confirm it to be wrong.
The engine and tender were used in the 2013 action-western film, The Lone Ranger. In that movie it was called, "The Constitution". In Westworld it is named the "Black Ridge Limited".
The train is of modern make, but uses old school manufacturing and designs.
The locomotive was donated to the Filmore and Western Railway.
The engine was displayed at the gate of Hollywood Studios at Disney California Adventure for the movie premiere of the The Lone Ranger on June 22, 2013.
The engine was used in a Advil commercial. The engine is now being used as a train in the HBO show, Westworld. The engine retains the side tanks and head lamp from the Advil commercial, but was painted red and black for Westworld. [2]