The Union Army camp is an encampment of The Union Army faction in Westworld. It lies in a small, fairly narrow valley, has a roughly rectangular layout, and is not fortified.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Most of the camp consists of simple army canvass tents of varying sizes, and parked covered wagons and flatbed wagons. There are several camp fires strewn around the camp, for the needs of the soldiers. One of the flatbed wagons in the camp is equipped with a Gatling gun.

One particular corner of the camp lies next to an entrance dug into the side of the local hillside. The structure seems to be some sort of storage room or possibly cellar.

Season One[edit | edit source]

The Adversary[edit | edit source]

The Man in Black and Teddy are caught by Union soldiers and brought to the camp. They're tied to the wheels of one of the wagons and the soldiers prepare to torture them by branding. Recalling some vague memories of his backstory as a soldier, Teddy builds up courage, manages to break free of his bonds, and frees the Man in Black as well. Though the Man in Black urges him they need to run, Teddy commandeers the camp's Gatling gun, mounted on a flatbed wagon and wrecks havoc on the camp, gunning down all of the attacking Union soldiers. The Man in Black is genuinely surprised by Teddy's quick thinking and ruthlessness, and both of them continue in their journey.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The camp's sole appearence in the series doesn't really clarify whether it serves as the Union Army's main headquarters in Westworld, or whether it's just one of several similar camps, with the main headquarters elsewhere.
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