As a fan of science fiction stories about human-like robots and artificial life forms, I'm having trouble accepting the depiction of Westworld's Programming Division. I don't see how a few "programmers" such as Bernard Lowe and Elsie Hughes can possibly program all of the new artificial Host personalities that act out new adventures for Guests such as Odyssey on Red River. As depicted in Westworld, the Programming Division seems barely able to understand and manage the existing Hosts, let alone craft new ones.

Thus, for me, the Programming Division of Westworld seems as artificial and unrealistic as the idea that programmer Dennis Nedry created all of the millions of lines of computer "code" for Jurassic Park. The portrayed plot problems in Westworld (such as the idea of corporate espionage and an effort to steal secrets using Laser Satellite Uplink) seem like they are taken from the world of Hollywood's entertainment industry. "Someone stole my idea for a new T.V. show!" When Robert Ford turns down an idea for a new "narrative" by Lee Sizemore, it seems like a dispute among a script writing team in Hollywood that is looking for an idea for next week's television episode.


The map found under Kissy's scalp.

As a fan of written science fiction stories, I approach television shows such as Westworld with great trepidation. I struggle to take seriously most T.V. plot elements (such as scalping someone to get a map from a skull). I feel like I'm following along on a silly video game walk-through. It is troubling for me to see "devoted fans" of the show trying desperately to "make sense" of such senseless plot elements that seem (to me) designed to only titillate HBO television viewers with gore and sex.

I think it is telling that this wikia website has webpages for Behavior Lab and Diagnostics, Narrative and Design and Livestock Management but how do those account for a viable Programming Division that would actually craft new robotic minds programmed for each needed role? I suspect that we viewers are not supposed to take the work of the Programming Division seriously. Westworld seems written by people who know nothing about computer programming, people who really are not interested in exploring a science fiction topic like the impact of androids on society. Is Westworld really about the entertainment industry and television networks like HBO that will put anything on the screen as long as it generates a paying audience? The Programming Division strikes me as the twisted fantasy of a Hollywood director who imagines a day when cheap, mindless, disposable robots could be 3D-printed on demand and used as actors. Think of the cost savings!

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