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  • ReginaldDrax

    This is just lovely. More art in Fan Art.

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Have a look at the new artwork in the Fan Art gallery, the standard of work is annoyingly high...

    Make sure you click on the first item in the Gallery or on the picture above, the new pencil drawing of Bernard. It's actually a whole gallery of work by the artist novocastrian, who posts on twitter and deviant art. We're really pleased to be able to include their work.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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  • ReginaldDrax

    The Multiple Timelines Theory.

    Just take a look at this video.

    I've been happily rubbishing this theory whenever QueenBuffy's brought it up - but after watching this I'm not certain. Annoying...

    The two things that made me jump?

    1. Dolores' can, the one she drops after leaving the store. The label on the can is different sometimes. The font is different and ... well, have a look
    2. Not convinced? Look at the different designs of the WW logo that come up, there are definitely two distinct designs, one old and one new.
    The evidence for there being multiple timelines in the show is not only stronger than I expected, it's annoyingly convincing.

    There really are two different can designs, on the left is the can as it was picked up by William, whilst on the …

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