Do I have a choice? Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?


"Vanishing Point" is the ninth episode in the second season of Westworld, and the nineteenth episode overall.



Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything.

–HBO Synopsis


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The title

A "vanishing point" is the point in a perspective drawing where parallel lines appear to converge.




Man in Black: (voiceover) No one else sees it. This thing in me. Even I didn't see it at first. And then, one day, it was there. A stain. And the more I thought about it... the more I realized I couldn't remember a time it wasn't there. Invisible to everyone. Except you. You saw right through it, didn't you? When did it creep in? A tiny fleck of darkness. Was it all in my head? Or in a remnant of a dream?
Juliet: (voiceover) Is this real? Are you real?

Emily: I know why you're here, and why you don't wanna leave. You're punishing yourself.
Man in Black: (scoffs)
Emily: You know, I ran from the pain, too. For a long time I didn't want to think about what happened, because I thought I was to blame.
Man in Black: It's not your fault.
Emily: Do you remember on my sixteenth birthday Mom gave me a jewelry box? When you opened it, a little dancer spun in the center. She had it engraved... on the bottom. It said: "To my beautiful ballerina... Emily" Do you remember what I did with it? I threw it in the trash. I told her if she wasn't drunk all the time she'd know that I hadn't danced in years. And then afterwards, I went to get it back, because I felt bad, but the trash had already been emptied, and it was gone. I pushed her away. And then it was too late. But it's not too late for us.

Wanahton: (speaking Lakota) Deathbringer. We've been watching you. Your journey ends here. The Valley Beyond is not meant for you.
Dolores: No. It was meant for the people who built this place. A tool to ensure their immortality. But I'm gonna use it against them.
Wanahton: The Valley Beyond is not a tool. It's a door to a new world... untouched by blood.
Dolores: Your new world is just another one of their traps. That's all. It's not a paradise for us. The only real world is the one outside these borders. And the key to our survival in that world lies in the Valley. There's no stopping me getting there. Not even you.
Wanahton: Then you leave us no choice.
(a battle between the Ghost Nation and Wyatt's gang ensues, with the Ghost Nation losing badly)
Ghost Nation member: There is no place for you... in the new world.
Dolores: I told you, friend... not all of us deserve to make it to the Valley Beyond. (shoots him dead)
Dolores: We're on our own now, Teddy. Make sure there are no others.
(Teddy searches for survivors and sees Wanahton walking away. He cocks his revolver, but his hand starts to shake and he uncocks his gun as Wanahton cooly gets away, looking back at Teddy)


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