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'V'oice commands are used to control hosts without the use of a tablet. One set of commands function to take a host in or out of his/her various modes.

Known commands

Command Description
"Turn the other cheek" Causes a first generation host to pause and open his/her face for the purpose of examining the structures beneath.
"Put yourself away" Causes a host to zip his/herself into a body bag, and enter Sleep Mode. This is either unique to Old Bill, or it is a command for first generation hosts.
"You can lose the accent" Instructs a host to speak in General American English.
"Analysis" Instructs a host to enter Analysis Mode. In Analysis Mode the host is passive, compliant, and initiates no actions or conversation. Lisa Joy has stated that this mode is analogous to the human mind's unconscious state.
"Cognition only; no emotional affect" Instructs a host to halt an emotional display and adopt a placid demeanor.
"Carry on" Instructs a host to leave Pause Mode and to re-enter Character Mode.
"Continue" Instructs a host to leave Analysis Mode and re-enter Character Mode.
"That's enough" Toggles a host's state from one mode to another. Character Mode to Pause Mode or Analysis Mode, et cetera.
"As you were" Used by Dr. Ford at the sector 17 cottage to return the first generation hosts to the activities they were engaging in prior to the Father host's attack on Bernard. Similar to the "Carry on" voice command.
"Archive this configuration" or "Access your previous configuration", etc. Instructs a host to archive/load a specified configuration. A configuration is a set of operating parameters. A parameter is a limit that determines the characteristics and/or behavior of something.
"Deep and dreamless slumber" Puts the host in an offline state - Sleep Mode. It is a quote from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, A Study in Scarlet.
"Turn off your event log" Event logs are special files that record significant events. Done prior to a clandestine interaction with Dolores by Arnold (in order to leave no record).
"Erase this interaction" Causes a host erase a conversation from his/her event log. Removes the interaction from the host's history. Used by Arnold with Dolores to cover his tracks.
"Bring yourself back online" Takes a host out of Sleep Mode and brings it into a more active state of either Analysis Mode or Character Mode.
"Look back and smile at perils past"

In the episode "Contrapasso" when Dr. Robert Ford says it, Teddy, despite being exhausted and having lost a lot of blood, immediately stands, checks his gun and tells the Man in Black it's time to go. This is a quote is from Sir Walter Scott's The Bridal of Triermain.[1]

"Freeze/Cease all motor functions" Causes a host to enter Pause Mode.
"These violent delights have violent ends" A unique voice command used by Arnold Weber to trigger his execution by Dolores Abernathy. See the image in the Gallery below.