"War" is said to be the biggest and most demanding narrative within the Westworld park.

War lies at the furthest reaches of the park, a place Logan mentions he hasn't been but wants to go. He tried to persuade William into going with him. It also appears the War narrative is still raging, as the town of Pariah is holding many military personnel and weapons such as cannons. Logan, William and Dolores also cut off a Union wagon carrying explosives that were intended for use in the war.[1]

It appears thus far that the war is between the Confederados and the Union and/or "Revolutionaries". In Contrapasso Mexican soliders are shown guarding the entrance inside Pariah but their role (if any) in the war is unclear.

According to Aeden in Discover Westworld, War draws elements from the Texas annexation, the United States Civil War, the Reconstruction, the Mexican Revolution, and other historical skirmishes.

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