Westworld: Season 3 (Music from the HBO® Series) is a 29-track soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi for Season 3 of the show. Composed, performed, arranged and adapted by Djawadi unless otherwise noted. Some of the pieces are piano or period-themed covers of modern songs.

The album was released on May 3, 2020, after the Season 3 finale.

Track Listing Edit

No. Title Length Cover Episode(s)
1 Main Title Theme - Westworld 1:41 All
2 Start a Revolution 2:36 3.04 "The Mother of Exiles"
3 Caleb 4:38 3.01 "Parce Domine"
4 Rehoboam 2:39 3.01 "Parce Domine"
5 Dissolved Girl 3:27 originally by Massive Attack 3.01 "Parce Domine"
6 MOTO 2:40 3.01 "Parce Domine"
7 Unsubscribe 3:15 3.01 "Parce Domine"
8 You Are Not Even You 2:04 3.01 "Parce Domine"
9 I Don’t Do Personals 3:09 3.01 "Parce Domine", 3.07 "Passed Pawn"
10 Sweet Child O' Mine 1:25 originally by Guns N' Roses Official Season 3 Trailer
11 Serac 3:17 3.02 "The Winter Line"
12 The Winter Line 4:14 3.02 "The Winter Line"
13 It’s Our Choice 2:41 3.03 "The Absence of Field"
14 Doomed 4:01 originally by Moses Sumney 3.03 "The Absence of Field"
15 Decoherence 2:54 3.06 "Decoherence"
16 Hunter 3:40 originally by Björk 3.04 "The Mother of Exiles"
17 Why Are We Here? 3:05 3.04 "The Mother of Exiles", 3.05 "Genre"
18 Wicked Games 5:31 originally by The Weeknd 3.04 "The Mother of Exiles"
19 Hope 4:42 3.04 "The Mother of Exiles"
20 Who’s to Blame 2:58 3.05 "Genre"
21 Activate 3:47 3.02 "The Winter Line"
22 Space Oddity 3:49 originally by David Bowie 3.05 "Genre"
23 The Choice Is Yours 3:29 3.08 "Crisis Theory"
24 Main Title from The Shining 2:01 originally by Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind 3.05 "Genre"
25 Brain Damage 3:55 originally by Pink Floyd 3.08 "Crisis Theory"
26 Divergence 4:05 3.08 "Crisis Theory"
27 Choose the Beauty 3:29 3.08 "Crisis Theory"
28 Welcome to the End 2:01 3.08 "Crisis Theory"
29 Free Will 3:34 3.08 "Crisis Theory"

Track Appearances Edit

Start a Revolution

  • Contains a variation of Dolores' theme.
  • Appearances:
    • 3.01: a variation of the track plays when Dolores shoots Connell's men and calls the motorbike.
    • 3.04: Connells asks Liam for his hash key. Dolores attacks Michael.


  • 3.01: Caleb wakes up, goes to work, visits his mother in the hospital.
  • 3.01: Caleb wakes up, goes to a job interview and to his therapy session.
  • 3.01: Caleb wakes up and goes to work.
  • 3.08: Serac claims that Caleb doesn't have a choice and reacts with extreme violence, when pushed.


  • 3.01: Liam and Dolores look at Rehoboam.
  • 3.02: End credits

Dissolved Girl

  • 3.01: Dolores arrives at the party.


  • Contains hints of Dolores' theme
  • Appearance: 3.01: Dolores takes the motorbike to follow Liam to his meeting with Martel.


  • Contains Caleb's theme
  • Appearance: 3.01: Caleb remembers Francis dying and unsubscribes because he wants to move on.

You Are Not Even You

  • 3.01: variation: Bernard finds the injured cow, goes to work and returns to the camp.

I Don’t Do Personals

  • Contains Caleb's theme
  • Appearance:
    • 3.01: Caleb opens the Rico app and gets the bag from the subway.
    • 3.07: the second half of the track plays towards the end of the episode when Bernard says Caleb will destroy humanity, and Caleb walks to Dolores' body. The track continues through the end credits.

Sweet Child of Mine


  • Contains the Rehoboam theme
  • Main appearances:
    • 3.02: Main appearance: Maeve meets Serac
    • 3.05: the first part was used when Serac starts his tale
  • Variations: i.a. in episodes 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.08

The Winter Line

  • Contains themes from "Les Écorchés", "What Does This Mean?" and "Main Title"
  • Appearances:
    • 3.02: the beginning is played when Maeve and Hector leave the captive behind and flee from the town. They take the car.
    • 3.02: the second part is used when Hector calls Maeve "Isabella" and she realizes that he doesn't know who he is. The soldiers arrive at the plane.

It’s Our Choice

  • 3.03: the first part is used when Charlotte tucks in Nathan and he says she is not his mother.
  • 3.03: the second part is used when Charlotte watches the video for the second time and cries
  • 3.06: a variation plays during the end credits


  • 3.03: The car takes Charlotte to Serac.


  • Contains MIB's theme
  • 3.06: a variation of the track plays when William is forced to watch a memory of his childhood and when he wonders whether his life happened to him or whether he chose it.


  • 3.04: Maeve and Serac talk at the bar.

Why Are We Here?

  • Contains Dolores' themes and hints of Serac's theme
  • Appearance:
    • 3.04: the second part is used during the reveal that Hale, Connells and Musashi are Dolores.
    • 3.05: the first half is used when Serac tells Dolores that he controls the system.
    • 3.06: the first part is used when Charlotte tells Serac she took the company's money and has everything she needs to beat him.

Wicked Games

  • 3.04: plays during the Masquerade party scenes.


  • Contains variations of Main Title/Westworld, the Rehoboam theme and Caleb's theme
  • 3.05: Dolores sends everyone their Incite data.
  • 3.07: a variation of the track can be heard when Caleb kills Francis.
  • 3.08: a variation of the track was used when Caleb reads on the screen that humanity will end and he asks Dolores why she chose him. It continues to play when the police arrests the rioters, including Ash.

Who’s to Blame

  • Contains Serac's theme, Rehoboam theme
  • Appearance: 3.05: Serac and Dempsey drive to the plane and Serac kills Dempsey.


  • 3.02: The second half is used when the robot takes Maeve's Control Unit and flees from the building.
  • 3.06: A variation plays when Charlotte fights the man in the elevator.
  • 3.06: A variation is used when Maeve realizes what Dolores plan is and asks her to stop. Charlotte kills Hector.

Space Oddity

  • 3.05: Plays when Dolores and Caleb are riding the escalator in the subway after releasing the incite files. They go outside and witness the chaos.

The Choice Is Yours

  • Contains variations of Maeve's and Dolores' themes
  • Appearance: 3.08: Dolores and Maeve fight. Dolores says all hosts are copies of her because she was the first one that worked. Charlotte arrives.

Main Title from The Shining

  • 3.05: Dolores, Caleb and Liam go to the beach.

Brain Damage

  • 3.08: Maeve tells Caleb he can be whoever he wants in the new world. The track transitions into the original song and continues over the end credits.
  • The original song by Pink Floyd was used in the first trailer for Season 3


  • Contains the Rehoboam theme and Caleb's theme
  • Appearance: 3.08: Caleb watches people rioting on street, Ash and Giggles help him, Giggles is shot and Ash stays behind to help him, Caleb gets on the plane.

Choose the Beauty

  • Contains the Rehoboam theme and Dolores' theme
  • Appearance: 3.08: Serac orders his men to kill Caleb and erase the rest of Dolores' memories. Dolores tells Maeve that she has seen a lot of ugliness in the world.

Welcome to the End

  • Contains variations of Maeve's and Dolores' themes
  • Appearance: 3.08: part of the track was used when Maeve takes last look at Dolores and Serac asks Rehoboam to speak to him.

Free Will

  • 3.08: Dolores tells Maeve she remembers the moments of kindness and chooses to see the beauty in the world. Maeve kills Serac's men.

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